Christmas Throw Pillow

4:54 PM

I don't have a lot of storage room, so I thought just making a Christmas pillow cover would be a good idea.
Just throw it on a pillow form and after Christmas just fold it up for next year rather than storing an entire pillow.
So I kept it simple:

It's the same pillow from this Bird Pillow Tutorial.
So we needed a break from the bird, and I used the same process in the tutorial to make a pillow envelope cover. 

The only difference in the Christmas pillow from the tutorial, is obviously no bird.
Instead I used freezer paper again as the stencil for the word "noel".
I cut some freezer paper 8.5 x 11" to go through my printer and just printed the word.
I used Tulip brand Metallic silver for the paint. 

So a really quick way to make a new pillow from 1/2 yard of fabric, and a little paint. 
Lot of possibilities.  I thought it would be cool with 3 different sized pillow and a few different holiday words: peace, joy, love, etc.
Simple, quick and easy to store until next Christmas.

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  1. Such a great idea. I LOVE everything you do!

  2. Love the red print and the Noel. What a great idea. I have about 10 big pillows and am ready to chuck them because they only come out at Christmas. I so should have done this.

  3. These are really fab ideas! I'm looking for some crafts designs, as I'll be selling some good stuffs for the Holiday season. Though I still need to contact my payroll tax services provider, as some of my employees are going to have some bonus this December. Reward for their hard works, ya know. My outsourced accountants are doing great too. I think I'll give them one of my finished crafts. Anyway, I bookmarked your page, thanks!

  4. Very elegant pillow, I didn't realize it was paint until I read further I thought you had an embroidery machine at first. I too have little storage room, I am totally into pillow case covers!


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