Onesie Dresses

5:00 AM

I made a few more onesie dresses for a baby shower.
My original tutorial is here, and these have just a little alteration on how the skirt is attached.
Of all my tutorials, I have received the most feedback from people making these quick little dresses.

I tried to make the skirts look like a separate piece, with the bunched waist, but they are still sewn to the onesie to make the whole outfit one easy, functional piece.
The green skirt actually has blue on the inside of the waist ruffle for contrast.

To make the ruffle waist, I just added an extra 1 1/4" to the overall skirt length and folded the top down 1", folding the extra 1/4" up to hide any unfinished seam.
For the faux waistband, I just used this awesome colored elastic I found in a mom and pop fabric store in the small town where my husband grew up.  You can always dye your elastic if you can't find colored, using Dana's tutorial here.

Like the original tutorial, I used freezer paper stenciling/ fabric paint for the designs on the chest.  These leaves/ plants are miniatures from the tree tote I made a while ago.

This time around on the pink skirt I added the contrast fabric in the middle rather than just at the bottom--which was the original way.

 For the headbands, I used the white knee high panty hose stocking, a ribbon star, and lime green buttons.  The little green/ blue skirt is a little short, so maybe I should add some baby legs or something for that one. 

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  1. So stinkin' adorable! Girls' clothes are so much cuter than boys' clothes! :) (sincerely, momma of three boys!)

  2. Wow, I love this! The little change on the skirt makes such a big difference, your little girl is going to be one well dressed baby I tell you what!

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