I Haven't Totally Forgotten Fall

5:00 AM

I have been focusing on Christmas, but there is a little corner of our house with fall stuff out.  I like Thanksgiving a whole holiday centered on food--heck yes!  I don't mean to give it the shaft, but I really don't have any thing for it, so I just move on to Christmas every year.
We made these fall leaves melting crayons between wax paper.  The idea and instructions came from Vanessa here at V&Co.
They're fun and easy.  RJ was able to help peel the crayons and snip the thread when we were hanging them.  Just that much involvement was exciting for him. 
We also have a few tiny pumpkins and a leaf bowl of mints, and that kind of ugly "Happy Harvest" hanger thing I painted over 5 years ago. This is by our front door in this weird entry cubby space.

So there's my pathetic tribute to fall...
...now more Christmas to come.

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  1. Thanks for the idea! I did it and posted about it here:


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