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 I've been needing to add pillows in our living room for a while. The idea was in my head, the pillow forms in the closet, but I never did it. They were quick and easy, so I'm glad these two at least are done.
These pillows were inspired by Pottery Barn.
I liked the earthly linen fabrics, the simple but interesting designs, and the natural looking buttons.

So the first little lumbar pillow used the same tutorial as my bird pillow, so I don't have a tutorial.
The changes are obviously eliminating the bird and everything, and you use the envelope back as the front.
In the tutorial, we only overlapped the folds of the envelope 4", but this time I went almost 5 or 6, just so the pillow was sewn shut enough the buttons weren't the only thing holding the pillow envelope shut.
To adjust the bird tutorial, just add 1" to your pillow dimensions to know how big to cut them for this back piece, then for the front, with the envelope being off center, I measured the "under" piece 3/4 of the total width, and the short "top" piece almost half of the total width.
Once the top piece is hemmed and you've sewn the button holes, just match up the bottom and top pieces so they equal your total width to match your back piece.
Our JoAnn's recently moved, so they were getting rid of their entire stock and all the buttons were 75% off, so I got these wood, leaf etched buttons which I liked.

The next pillow could use the same bird tutorial, but I thought the faux envelop in the front might look weird with a real envelope in the back, so here's a good tutorial on making a zipper pillow cover from Design Sponge.  Even if zippers are intimidating, this is a good, basic tutorial to help you.

I put the zipper on the bottom, so the pillow is sitting on the zipper.  The faux pocket, is really just a fold in the top piece sewn down, and I added a loop of jute when I sewed the fold to look like it's holding the pillow shut.  Another wood button.
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I made this pillow with white burlap.  I didn't baste it to a sturdy fabric first, so it stretched weird especially in the corners end didn't end up my favorite.  I was smart and lined each burlap piece when I made the Mr. Potato sack, but forgot this time, but I guess that's OK--just have a lumpy weird pillow.  I also thought the fold/ envelope needed to be longer, so the button was closer to the center of the pillow, rather than so high with a little midget pocket on top. 

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  1. Fibanacci math and the golden angle all teach about the pleasing 1/3 of nature, but we humans don't always like the nature order and choose to skew it just a little. You could have divided it at the 1/3 mark, but there is more interest in the slight difference.
    Love the buttons!
    I'm thinking a lot of people will just want the loop as sometimes button holes can be scary.

  2. Beautiful pillows. I love the colours you've used.

  3. As always Jessica I am very inspired by what you share with us.

  4. I'm visiting from Tatertots & Jello and love these pillows! I'm your newest follower!


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