Scrappy Placemats

10:08 PM

After making the patio seat cushions, I had quite a bit of the outdoor fabric left over.  I decided to make some placemats to go on the patio table.  It may be two "matchy matchy" having the placemats match the seats, but it works and it's what I had.

Using the scraps, I had to piece some of them together, and one ended up being quite a bit shorter than the others.  Rather than batting in between the front and back, I used scrap denim. 
So the tops are outdoor fabric,
then denim,
and the backs or bottoms were made with a solid mustard duck canvas.  
So they ended up being pretty thick.
The steps are the same as making the drying mats, so instructions can be found here.

You can see how they had to be pieced together with what was left of my scraps.  I actually like the ones that have both the bird and stripes.

These were made weeks ago, during the period when our computer was broken and so we've been able to use them quite a bit this last month and I love eating al fresco.  Kind of a pain to haul dinner outside, but it's just a lot more cozy I think. 

My fall mums are in full bloom and the "vase" was just a #10 can of pears I kept and spray painted.  Cheap and big for outside.  I think next year I'll pound some holes in the bottom and plant some herbs attached to the decor ladder for a little vertical herb garden.

Here's a view with the shade sail and outdoor ruffle lantern.  Our little garden is in the distance and I don't think our corn will be ready before the frost unfortunately! 

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  1. Your backyard looks so inviting! I love it. I loved it when we were there too of course. The lights are so charming I would want to be out there too.

  2. I like! Does your hubby appreciate all your awesomeness? :)

  3. You've created a wonderful outdoor area - I think it all looks great!

  4. Very creative Jessica... really like your table mats... this is what creativity called:)... Thanks for sharing the idea... I am your newest follower too, waiting for more creative ideas...
    I am sharing a treasure of Hand Embroidery, hope you like to come and see some traditional motifs and stitches

  5. So pretty! I love those colours and little birds! :)

  6. The new fabric makes your outdoor area look so cheerful! I was wondering what the pattern on your fabric is called? I would love it in my kitchen as curtains.


  7. Suzette:
    Here is the yellow fabric:
    {Fabric Premier Prints Barber Slub Yellow/Taupe}


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