Tutorial: Outdoor Patio Seat Cushions

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Outdoor Patio Seat Cushions

I'm always shocked how expensive outdoor furniture cushions can be.  So after fixing up a patio set with a bunch of gray spray paint, I decided I'd save some money and make the cushions myself.  One reader on the patio set post commented that the color choice made it look like they were primed but not finished, so I hope now with the coordinating cushions, the gray looks more intentional and it looks pulled together as a whole better.

These cushions have box-edges, and mesh bottoms to help promote quicker drying.

1" thick foam cut to chair dimensions
outdoor fabric (cushion top) 1/2 yard for two
mesh fabric (cushion bottom) 1/2 yard for two
1 package 1/2" wide twill tape cut into 15" strips (2 per cushion)
2" wide strips for cushion sides, length= perimeter of cushion + 2"

1. Cut Foam and Fabric
Measure dimensions of the chair you're sewing for and cut the foam to fit.  My chairs have curved back corners, so I used a plate to help cut the curves. 
You can use the foam dimensions when cutting your fabric, adding 1/2" to all sides for seam allowance.  
The mesh and top are identical.

2. Attach Ties
 With your twill tape cut in 15" strips, first hem, use fray check, or burn the ends to prevent fraying.
Fold in half and sew at the back corners of the bottom mesh.

3. Sew Side Strip to Bottom 
Using 1/2" seam allowance, sew the 2" wide strips around the bottom mesh piece.  Start at the back of the seat, leaving 2" of the strip unsewn to start.

Once you sew around the seat, you'll have the unsewn ends to connect.

 4.  Pin Open Side Ends
Laying the mesh flat, align the open ends together and pin where they will be flush against mesh bottom.

5. Sew Side Strip Ends Together
Sew along pin line, connecting the side strip together.

5. Finish Side Strip Seam
Press seam allowance open and finish sewing the side strip to the mesh bottom.

6.  Sew Top to Side Strip
Take the cushion top and match up to the side strip, making sure the corners will be opposite the mesh corners.  Sew top fabric to side strip, beginning at back of cushion.  Leave a 5" hole for turning.

 7.  Turn and Fill Cushion
Turn cushion right side out and insert the foam cushion.  Hand sew the hole closed.

**I'm not the best at hand sewing....think Frankenstein stitching.  So with the other 3 cushions, I switched it a little by sewing the side strips first to the printed fabric top, then added the mesh.  That way my poor hand sewing was in the bottom seam and less noticeable.  Same steps, just start with the print rather than the mesh.

You are finished!  Tie it to your chair and enjoy!  

{Fabric Premier Prints Barber Slub Yellow/Taupe}

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    katy @ redBuddy notes

  2. I'd never considered mesh before. clever!

  3. An excellent tutorial! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  4. I love the fabrics and the gray chair color too. Wonderful tutorial. I probably would not have thought to use mesh on the bottom. Good move!

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  7. whatDa! this is simple and it looks good. Thanks you!I would make theses for my outdoor patio furniture.

  8. The outdoor patio seat cushions are described here. Read to know more

    Hunter Douglas

  9. Do you have any idea who makes the fabric? I'm looking for the one with swirls and birds on it!! :)

    1. Fabric Premier Prints Barber Slub Yellow/Taupe

  10. Where can you purchase the 1" foam?

  11. So excited to find this! I have a few cushions I’d like to cover just for a different pop of color. Will have to enlist my mom’s help on this one, but it looks pretty achievable! Pinning!

    Outdoor Cushions


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