Pattern Testers Wanted {CLOSED}

1:41 PM

This week I'm working on my animal PDF Sewing pattern for Halloween. 
 I'm looking for pattern testers if any of you would be interested in making your own:



What you get out of it:
You will receive a free pattern this weekend via email.
The pattern will include pattern pieces/ instructions for all three costumes in sizes: 18 months, 2T, 3T, and 4T

What I need from you:
To be a pattern tester, I'm asking that you make one costume by next Friday September 16th.  So I hope to give you one week, but I'd like your feedback to hopefully release the pattern for purchase Monday Sept 19 this will give me next weekend to make any changes before they're available for everyone.

The point of having you try out the pattern is to tell me what you thought.  I'm planning on making a questionnaire type format via email so you can just fill it in with your feedback.
Thank you so much for the response!  I have enough testers at this point and will be emailing them shortly with more details.  Thanks for all who have responded I really appreciate it!
So if you want a free pattern, and feel like you have time to make a costume and tell me what you thought next week, please email me at:
In your email please tell me which costume you want to make, as I would like to get each costume style tested.  I'm hoping to get 5 testers for each animal.

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  1. I'd love to try the fox! I have 8 grandchildren (three are local-they are 16 mos., 4 yrs., and 7 years. The 4 yr. old is just a little guy-he is adopted from Korea and is a very small 4! I think he'd love this!

    I'd be happy to try one of them for you!

  2. This would be so fun, if it only fit my baby. Too bad it doesn't come in 3 month old size. Otherwise, awesome, they look so cute!

  3. i would love to be a pattern tester. love the fox

  4. Great costumes! I just sent you an email :)

  5. Love all these- I'd love to make the wolf for my 2 year old!

  6. I wish you were doing this in adult sizes! Both of my kids would love, love, LOVE the Where the Wild Things Are costume.

  7. Sorry, I forgot to mention: My kids are both teenage girls. 13 and 17. A ladies size 7. LOL

  8. Oh my boys would just love that Ewok!!!

    I'm a fairly new follower, loving your blog, and also a fairly new sewer, so i could test out as a newbie for you.

    Like I said, they'd love the Ewok. My youngest is 2, the next is 5 and he would love it too, if it was adaptable.

    My older 2 boys are 8 and 11 and big Star Wars fans so keep me posted if you come up with any more characters :0)


  9. No little ones to sew for here, just had to stop in to say that the costumes are crazy cute!!

  10. how much and what kind of fabric do they use? I'm interested in the fox - need to know if I have enough fabric and what kind.. or if I need to check my calendar to make sure I can make it to the fabric shoppee... I'm not a brand new sewist, am a stay at home mom so if this is a couple of hours project I would have time (my girl still takes a 2-3hr nap every day)

  11. I just sent you an email :) I am definitely a beginner but I would absolutely love to try this for my 17 month old.

  12. I am really hoping you continue to have patterns to be tested, I would love to do it sometime for you!! I have 3 boys (7,7 and5) and a 2 year old I can try most things!

  13. I love the barrels. My mom has some outside her house with plants in them but I just love the look. The previous owners must of left alot of scrap wood. I cant believe all the stuff you've used it for. Awesome!

  14. I love your fox costume! I have been planning my four-year-old's fox costume for months now, but if it doesn't work out, it is nice to know there is a cute pattern to fall back on! Great work. I have been meaning to get around to making PDF patterns for my halloween costumes for a while now. Sewing for other people at Halloween is hard for me when I have my own projects to finish for this beloved holiday!


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