Scrap Ladder for Outdoor Decor

12:18 AM


I've been pinning ladders that are merely decorative on Pinterest for some time.   
They're just a fun, interesting decor element to me.  

So to use the last few scraps of rotting 2x3 left over wood from the scrap bench, I hacked out a basic ladder one afternoon while the kids were riding bikes in the front of our house.

It was really thrown together, I didn't sand or even wash the nasty wood.  Just cut the pieces, and used a nail gun to connect it all together.  Then I used a little yellow exterior paint the previous owners left to slap on one quick coat of yellow.
  I imagine a lot will flake off as the wood wasn't prepared at all, but I guess my sloppiness is hopefully going to turn into "character"...hopefully.

My little guy was climbing on it, but I told him it's just for looks and was shocked a ladder rung didn't fall off it was such poor workmanship slopped together.  I plan to lean it against the fence behind the patio furniture to just add some taller interesting decor type stuff out there.
To be honest, I really don't know what I'm doing with the decor aspect, and just making things I like and hoping it will all jive as a group in the end.  

If my dad looked at this blog he would tell me I need to edge my lawn.  I know it looks crappy, but I mow the lawn and that's my limit.  I don't use the edger it kind of freaks me out.

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  1. It looks very cute and so does your little guy standing on it! Good way to recycle the old wood!

  2. You are so crafty! a good way!

  3. How fun. And don't worry, I don't edge my lawn either! That's the hubby's job. That edger thing is scary!

  4. what is your pinterest name? i can't find you on there. i like your ladder. you got skillz, lady!

  5. my pinterest name is: Jessica @ Running With Scissors

  6. I mow as well, and will never touch the edger. That is the mans job. And so, like you, my lawn usually looks like it still needs a haircut!
    Love the ladder, super cute!


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