Body Cast Boxers

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We finally got our new computer!  It's been weeks without one, and while it was kind of nice to have a break, I'm ready to be able to use the Internet again. 
Because I didn't have the Internet to waste time on, my husband's on a really busy schedule and awake at home only 2-3 hours a day (which includes getting ready, eating, etc), and I went back to a 7:30 bed time with my kids, I have got a lot of junk made and I'm really excited to show you!  I probably have a month's worth of projects ready to blog.

So here's the first project:
Open sided boxers for our little friend that broke his femur.
He was jumping on the trampoline with sprinklers, and fell, breaking his thigh bone right up at the hip.  He's only 5 and in a body cast for 2 months.  Because the bar connects between his legs, regular pants obviously can't be worn and so we made him some little boxers to stretch over his huge cast.

They're just elastic waist boxer shorts, but the side seams have velcro and snaps to make it able to attach around the body cast.

We took the first superhero pair over and they fit!  We were glad because he has to wear diapers in his cast, and just had to keep a blanket on his lap because he had nothing to wear on bottom.  Luckily me and another neighbor are making him shorts.  He is bummed he'll miss the first weeks of kindergarten poor little guy...and his poor mom that has to take care of him and dead lift him anywhere they can roll him with a wagon.  Man, I hope my kids never break a leg.

Once I knew they'd work we made a few more pairs.

These ones are just velcro down the sides.

Poor kid.  What a bummer way to end your summer, but he's always been in a good mood when we've seen him and was relieved to find out the cast should be off in time for Halloween, because these boxers would just stink as a costume.

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  1. Those trampolines are nothing but trouble. I have known so many people whose children have been injured-many bones broken and worse. They are a horrible investment for people to make and a horrible plaything. O.k.-thanks for letting me vent.

    That said, I really love how you have made a very sweet solution to a body cast. Very nice. So sorry for that dear child and his injury.

  2. Poor baby! I hope he is not in too much pain. Jessica you are a clever mom...good work on these shorts they are a wonderful idea.

  3. What a lovely thing to do! Seems like you put a smile on the little guy's face which is impressive given the situation. You are an inspiration!

  4. What a nice thing to do. Poor little guy. I'm sure these were a big help for him and his mother. Can't wait to see what else youv'e been up to.

  5. Great idea! Bummer about the body cast and missing the first few months of school. It is nice of you to make him something to wear.

  6. So smart! I had a body cast when I was a kid (not so bad since I could wear dresses), but I know how frustrating it is to be benched like that, and I bet your little friend really appreciates the awesome shorts.

  7. How sweet of you! What a great idea you came up with!


  8. Oh, I broke spent a Summer with a broken femur in a cast so my heart goes out to the little guy! what a great idea to make his time in a cast a little more comforatable and with a little more self respect. I am a big fan of your blog. I just started following. Thanks!


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