New Old Side Table

1:03 AM

Fall is coming!  I need to post all my summer patio projects before snow starts coming.
Here's a little one and I'm going to bust out one of my favorites tomorrow.

This is the second make over for this side table.  Remember the first one?  Last winter I bought it for $3.00 and painted it black, never loving it.  So it went outside this summer, and the black paint peeled and curled from the weather, and it needed a new outdoor finish and look.
So it became white.

So it first got a chemical stripper to get the paint off, then sanded almost to raw wood everywhere.  You can see areas I got lazy.

Then an oil based primer, 2 coats of exterior latex white paint, and one coat outdoor polyurethane. 

 It goes on our rock patio we finished this summer and looks a lot better than the black version....I think.

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  1. I agree, the white table is better. I wonder how well it will weather through a Pocatello winter.


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