Outdoor Pillow Covers

9:23 PM

I'm wrapping up summer with my last patio project.

I bought these blueish green outdoor pillows from Costco and decided they didn't really work with the blue lounger cushion.  So I made some quick envelope pillow covers.
I had yellow nylon scrap pieces and created the vertical stripes by sewing white broadcloth on top.  The white stripes are 2" wide, and they're sewn 2" apart on the yellow square.

 Rather than finding a wide striped yellow/white fabric, I just made my own.
To make the white stripes, I used my clover 2" bias tape maker, so you can see in the center of each white stripe where it's just one thin layer and more transparent.  I didn't mind and thought most people wouldn't notice or if they did, hopefully think it was another intentional subtle stripe.

So I have the two outdoor pillows with my added yellow envelope covers.

We've been roasting marshmallows after dinner, trying to enjoy these last warmer evenings before autumn really sets in. 

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  1. What a gorgeous family you have :) made all the prettier with your patio furniture! x

  2. Wonderful. You have made a comfy outdoor haven.


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