Best Aunt Ever: Vintage Hoodies

4:00 AM

My little sister, Lynette, is the best aunt to my kids.
We visited her for her baby shower and she had prizes for both RJ and Ellie.

She'd made them each a zip-front hoodie from vintage fabrics she's collected and Ellie got a bonus pair of navy twill pants.
I loved the vintage stripes and print.
My favorite element is the burnt orange ribbing on Ellie's...I've developed a thing for burnt orange lately.

RJ's hoodie is really cool.
It's made with a wool jersey.  I don't think I've ever worn or really seen a knit made with wool.
I definitely know I've never sewn with it.   

Ellie's hoodie is a thinner vintage knit, the kind that doesn't stretch that much so it's probably essential she has the zipper to help get it over her head.
We were laughing at her big boy pants.  This borderline "boy" outfit goes well with her tom-boy antics.

The hoods themselves are really light, just the single knit layer, no lining or anything. 

RJ had to help Ellie out of the garden as I didn't have shoes and she kept running away.

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  1. Gorgeous hoods, gorgeous materials. Love the burnt orange too! Great present from your sister!

  2. I love the 'boy' clothes. My daughter also wears my son's clothes half the time! The hoodies are so cute!

  3. Oh these are so adorable! Love the retro thing too. Great work, Lynette!

  4. Haha, that last picture is a familiar scene, just a few hours ago I had Nicole hauling Olivia back because I was feeding Jackson in my mom's (big country) yard and she'd wandered too far! :) Looked exactly the same!


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