toddler blouse: plaid

9:32 AM

I made one more little blouse from the original pink pattern.  

This time changing up the sleeve length, neckline and placement of the placket.
I also sewed buttons on the placket this time since it was out to the side, where the autumn blouse was centered and short enough I didn't think I'd ever button them and just left it blank.

This little blouse used the scraps from a pull-over top I made myself last year.

 The sleeves on this version are three-quarter and cut on the bias.

Ellie's getting sick of modeling, so we had to bust out the Smarties bribe this round. 

Detail of the off-center placket and bias tape neckline.

The blouse last fall was the first placket I can remember sewing.
It's such a good little technique to know as you can take a basic top pattern and plop the placket in the front, back, shoulder seam, or anywhere you want to change up a pattern for more variety. 

Shown with the charcoal e cords. 

RJ was trying to help Ellie be happy for the pictures by dancing next to me, but decided to take matters literally into his own hands.  Needless to say Ellie didn't like it.

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  1. Oh this is adorable :) love your much inspiration!

  2. LOVE the diagonal placket and bias cut sleeves...perfect touch with the plaid. p.s. Big brothers are SO not helpful!! :) I know, we have two of them in our family.

  3. favorite one yet! and i really love your blouse too!! sheesh, what is it with me and plaid...can't resist. ;)

  4. Love the blouse. What a cute way to change one pattern into many!

  5. I love the new blouse. That last picture is totally hilarious. It's definitely a keeper.

  6. adorabl and more adorable. The sleeves on the bias was a great detail with the side placket.
    II would say RJ had an over the summer growth spurt!! The children are as cute as ever and that last photo will be repeated so many times over the years. Brothers are that way

  7. Ooh, I love this one! I love how you changed up the placket and put the sleeves on the bias... too cute. And of course I love the plaid. =)

  8. So darling! Love the biased sleeves too. :)


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