Toddler Scallop Shorts

5:35 AM

Earlier this spring before I went in pregnancy coma, I made Ellie some shorts.
They were inspired by j.crew’s adult scallop shorts, but I was attempting to make a toddler variation with a paper bag waist. 

I made two pairs, and I think a third pair would be the final version with further adjustments. 

The first pair, the woodland print had the scallops too small and close together.  
When worn on the solid green side they look like Peter Pan pants.  

So version #2 the scallops look better, but the huge paper bag waist is more like a garbage bag waist and needs to be taken down, and I think I’ll plan to remove one scallop to reduce the circumference around the legs.  
So this is a work in progress, but summer is over so maybe the final version will get sewn for next spring.

But for now they’re pretty comfy with the elastic waist and it makes it nice they are reversible.
The reversible aspect came in when making the scallops and wanting a lining to make a smooth turn, but I figured out how to construct them being reversible, similar methods to making a vest.

So I think these are the last project to blog that were made earlier this summer.
Now it will all be fall clothing and I’m pretty excited.
I’ve felt really inspired for a little fall collection for Ellie, which is a new thing since sewing for my girl is usually really hard for me to get ideas.

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  1. She's such a cutie! The shorts are fun. Looking forward to your fall line!

  2. Those are the cutest shorts. Wish my girls were small again. I use to make most of their clothes when they were little. Now this is what happens when I sew for them...

  3. Those are adorable! I like the big leg openings-- it gives sort of a skirt/short/coulotte (sp) feel. I hope the rest of the pregnancy is easier on you.

  4. teehee! how cute is she in her fun shorts? :)

  5. Those shorts are so darling! My goodness you're little girl is growing so fast!


  6. so so cute and i agree they look skirty skorty and add a bit of dressiness to the outfit. Your humor in your PROGRESS is pricelss. Keep up the good work. What a handmedown wardrobe you are creating at the same time.Hope you will feel better every day. the lego pouch is a good idea also and you are to be commended for your attention to the fact that you got some ideas elsewhere.


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