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I've made my drafted toddler skinny pants pattern available for printing!
This pattern is for 18 months and I only drafted 1/4" seam allowance as I was sewing the majority of the seams with a serger, so keep that in mind as you sew.


I didn't plan to do a full tutorial, so here's a run down of the instructions, and you can use the Baby Jeggings tutorial as a reference for photos if you need.  There's very few steps that are different for these e cords.

First off:
I used corduroy, but you can use any fabric you want really, you'll need about 2/3 yard.
If you choose to use denim, I'd recommend a light weight and maybe some stretch.
You'll also need elastic for the waistband, 3/4" wide regular or buttonhole.

1. Print paper patterns on card stock.  Cut out and tape pants front A and B together and pants back A and B together.
2. Cut out fabric, remembering when cutting two of one piece you'll need them to be opposite to have a right and left (back, front, pockets)

1. Front Fly Seam:
Sew (right sides together) the two front pieces along the curve of fly, into corner, then the short crotch curve.  Snip the corner under the fly to stitching.  Finish seam (serge or zig-zag).  Fold faux fly to left leg, so fly opens on the kid's right hand side.  I usually look down at my own pants to make sure the fly is going the right direction.  Top-stitch (on right side) the bottom crotch seam allowance to the bottom of fly, pivot, then curve up the fly.  Repeat with a second row around fly.
THIS STEP VERY HELPFUL TO VIEW BABY JEGGINGS AS IT'S THE EXACT SAME. construct front of pants section: step 2

2. Attach Patch Pockets:
First you'll hem your pocket curve where the little hand goes in.  I serge the curve, then fold it under and top-stitch it in place.  Iron the 1/4" seam allowance under the larger "L" shaped curve.  Pin pocket to fronts matching the top and sides.  Top-stitch pocket to pant front with 1/8" seam allowance.

1. Back Seam. 
Sew (with right sides together) the curved back bum seam.  Finish raw edges (serge/ zig-zag).  On right side, sew the flat felled type seam by pushing the 1/4" seam allowance to one side and top stitching 1/4" from seam fold to stitch it in place.

2. Attach yoke.  
Because the yoke has a "v" shape, I start at the center, and sew from the center to the side seam, then start back in the center sewing the yoke to the other side.  This way the point of the yoke is centered on your back bum seam.  Finish edge and top-stitch this seam as well.

3. Attach back pockets.  
First fold pocket top down 1/4" twice to create the final 1/2" hem.  You could also serge the top and fold it down once 1/2".  Top stitch the top fold.  Do any embroidery/ applique on pocket now if you want.  Iron the curved sides of pocket to wrong side with 1/4" seam allowance.  Mark the top, inside corner for pocket: 1" out from center back seam and 1" down from back-yoke seam.  Pin pockets on pants and top-stitch around sides and bottoms with 1/8" seam allowance.

1. Inner Leg Seams:
Pin the front to back (right sides together) matching up the center crotch seams.  Pin the legs together at the ankle.  To accommodate the big diaper bum, there's a lot of extra fabric in the back, and it will feel like the back piece is too short.  You just have to stretch the back to fit the front piece as the angle is much more dramatic on the back piece.  I start from the center and sew to one ankle, then repeat.  If it ends up a little (.25") uneven at the ankle, it's alright.
Open this seam and top-stitch seam allowance to one side for the flat felled finish seam look.

2. Side Seams:
With front and back right sides together, sew the side seams and finish seam.  Make sure you catch all the sides of your front patch pockets to enclose the raw edge in the side seam.

1. Waist:
Finish top edge of pants with serging/ zig-zag, bias tape, etc.  Iron down the top around the whole pant 1.25".  Make casing:
     -Elastic casing: this is the easiest method.  You can sew the casing 1" around, leaving a few inches hole and thread your 3/4" or 1" wide elastic through with a safety pin, sew elastic ends together, then sew the casing hole shut.
    -I chose to use the buttonhole elastic method so the front is flat and the gathering is around the back like you find in retail kids pants.  I bought a huge roll of my buttonhole elastic online from sewtrue.com but you can find smaller pre-packaged elastic in craft stores. 
Helpful steps to put in buttonhole elastic waistband from Modern Lederhosen tutorial  step 8
 a) Sew 1" tall button holes half way between center front fly fold and side seams on each side.  b)  Sew a button (toward the center fly) of buttonhole. c) Sew elastic (toward the center fly) of button, thread it through the buttonhole and around the back of the pants to come out the other buttonhole, past the other button, and sew it to the pants.  d) Fold down the top and top-stitch around entire pants top making sure not to sew the elastic.  This way the elastic can't go back into the pants if the button pops off.

2. Hem:
Double fold hem totals 1/2", so you'll fold the raw edge under 1/4", then fold it another 1/4" and sew around the ankle opening to finish hem.


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  1. my goodness Jessica, this has got to be the absolute cutest pair of toddler pants - EVER. Seriously, you are amazing! Just Wow.

  2. Awesome pants! Thanks so much for the pattern/tute...will have to make some of these! Your skills are incredible (and very inspirational!)

  3. Thank you so much. I can't wait to make these for my granddaughter.

  4. Thank you so much for making the pattern and uploading it! Can't wait to try it!

  5. so cute! wonder if these would work for boys... ;)

  6. Thank you so much for the pattern! I made these this afternoon and they turned out adorable! I used denim and lined the pockets polka-dot cotton. I will be making more pairs soon for sure! The pattern worked great.

  7. These are adorable! Do you have any tips for upsizing them to 2T? Also, is the booty very roomy? We cloth diaper, so sometimes pants don't fit my daughter very well in the booty. I can't wait to make some - I bought corduroy this afternoon!

  8. Dear God Jessica!!! This is exactly what I need!!!!! What a lucky lady I am that you made this in an 18 month size too!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  9. YES! I am pinning this and I'll for sure make them this Fall for Natalie. Thank you, thank you! Can't wait!

  10. i have made 2 of these already....sadly getting too small now! But they are super cute and easy to sew.....


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