clever charlotte chickadee skirt: jumper variation

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This is my third clever charlotte pattern I've used!
They actually just released their fall line, and the Olivine Dress is my favorite.

Today I used their chickadee skirt pattern and made it into a dress/ jumper for Ellie.

Their pattern is for a faux wrap skirt with an elastic back waist.

Ellie is still small for most skirts with anything unique. Her legs are short enough, the wrap would be really tiny, so I decided to make it a jumper, allowing the wrap to continue up to her waist. Basically I took the clever charlotte pattern and extended the top into a jumper.

 My variation is also fully lined like the original pattern.
The construction had to be different to take care of the arm holes, much like sewing a vest together.
I used a moss green 21 wale corduroy and green cotton broadcloth for the lining.

So to put it on, the under side wraps across and is secured with a button and elastic cord that was sewn in the side seam.

Then the top wraps across and is secured with the arc of buttons. 

 I was a little worried that the top cross over might gap really bad, and thought I may need to add a snap where the two layers cross at the neck to keep it closed.
But to my surprise, even when playing, bending over, etc the fit around the chest was snug enough the dress stays put without a big flap in the front to collect crumbs. 
The dress hits her just below her knee and I was smarter this time around and made her a dress with some growing room.  Hopefully even if she grows it won't get too tight or too short in the next few months.

The corduroy and leather buttons seemed like a good fall/winter mix to me.
I thought this could last all winter with thick tights, turtleneck, cardigan, etc.  

So if you have a girl you sew for that is large enough to just make the chickadee skirt according to the pattern, you could always embellish the wrap with faux buttons, or in the clever charlotte flickr group there are examples where ruffles or trim were added to the hem as well.

In the end, I thought it turned out to be a cute, unique, child-friendly little frock perfect for fall!

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  1. Love this. How adorable. And if she only grows up instead of out too much it could turn into a really cute shirt eventually. What a great way to make a pattern work for your child. Thanks for the ideas! I need to start looking at my patterns again, and start thinking outside the box.

  2. I have been wanting to work with a Clever Charlotte pattern for a while now, their products are just gorgeous. Love your jumper version!

  3. Ooh I love what you did with the pattern! The jumper is adorable, and the colors are perfect for fall. I really love how the buttons follow the curve of the hem!

  4. Oh my heck, you have been busy haven't you? That jumper is so stinking cute! And just know now that even when Ellie does outgrow it, you'll get to put it on the next little miss someday! ;-)

  5. This is adorable! I think I might have to try and make an adult-sized version for myself :)

  6. That is really cute! I love the buttons =)

  7. VERY cute and SO perfect for fall! I love it! I would put it on either of my girls with much joy and gladness. That shade of green... the corduroy... the leather buttons... it's like the perfect storm of little girl fall cuteness.

  8. i love this!! such a great fall jumper, and you're a clever lady for extending that skirt pattern to make it work for Ellie NOW.

  9. Jessica, this is terrific. What a unique interpretation of the skirt--I also really like the addition of the buttons and that wonderful fall corduroy. Bravo!

  10. Adorable! I love that arc of buttons along the front.

  11. This is adorable. Dresses are much more appropriate for really small girls than skirts. This is a clever interpretation of the original pattern and that fabric is really really cute.

  12. Lovely ! I like it better than the original pattern- might just try this version for my six year old . Teamed with tights and boots it would be a great look for fall/winter. BTW , I also made a purse for myself with some blue velvet based on the one you made for Ellie. Turned out superb . Thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. oh my gosh, that last pic of her is so great! I love her!

  14. Oh, that's amazing! Really beautiful.

  15. I would like to see an adult version pattern! I'm too young for grandchildren and my son too big for this.


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