Another Tepee

1:35 PM

My cousin asked me to make her a tepee for her boys for Christmas. I have so many random Christmas gifts/ projects going on right now I just threw it on the poles, snapped a shot and called it good. sorry for the crappy photo.
I liked the striped upholstery she picked out of the Claudia Raid.
It was a pain to work with, however, due to a really loose weave and the weight of upholstery.
But tepees are really easy if you are a beginner sewer, all you have to do is sew 12 straight lines. Here's the instructions if you need a quick gift for your kids.
The diagram has the tube seams at 2 3/4", but if your poles are 1.5" in diameter, you can sew them 2 1/2" from the joined seam.
It does take quite a bit of fabric, use any old sheets you were going to take to good will. Large hunks of fabric, and you get to upcycle them to something great!
Little boys LOVE them! When I took ours down to switch them out, my son and two nephews freaked out and got in the tepee shell lying on the floor without poles. It's also pretty easy to set up and take down, hide toys if you need to clean up in a hurry...not that any of you would do that.

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  1. Making a TP is on my list of things to do while in Utah....... you know I will need your help!!


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