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3:38 PM

This is a gift for my husband. Kind of a gag gift poking fun at his affinity for spreadsheets. He's got mad skills on Excel. Every major decision can be solved through the analysis of a spreadsheet. Sometimes they get carried away, i.e. rent per square footage of apartments when we got married. But a lot of times they are helpful, and it is a secret nerdy hobby.

I got a package of Hanes t-shirts (4 shirts for $9.00). You can buy freezer paper sheets, but I just have a roll you can buy in the grocery store next to the tin foil. I use a paper cutter to trim it to 8 1/2 x 11" so it can go through the printer.
Print out the text, [make sure you load freezer paper to print on paper side, NOT the wax side] then cut out the letters with an exacto knife or scissors.
Iron the freezer paper on shirt. Put cardboard in shirt so paint doesn't soak through onto the back. Use fabric paint to fill in the letters.
Let paint dry, pull off all the paper, and iron paint to seal it.
Quick (15-20 min), cheap ($3.00-ish), and you can personalize a gift!
I hope Rhett likes this. I contemplated leaving off "lover". I thought of spreadsheet master, spreadsheet nerd, and went with lover. We'll see if he likes's just a t-shirt so he better!

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  1. As usual,Jessica, this is just amazing!! How do you find the time (and energy!!)?
    Thanks for sharing your great talent with your admirers.
    Best wishes from Australia.


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