Husband in the Work Place

3:15 PM

A lot of the nights after my son is in bed and my clean up chores are done, I am up sewing or working on projects. The nights my husband is home, he will often join me while he studies at my project table. I like having him there, even though the majority of the time we are both pretty absorbed in what each of us is doing. But lately he's begun pranking out on me. I went for a pin, and pulled out these creations. The worst was the bottom pin. I didn't notice Rhett had bent the end just slightly, so I tried to stab it into my fabric multiple times before noticing. Tricky...very tricky. It may even evoke some revenge.
***I did figure out by surveying the crime scene that he used my surgical hemostat to bend the pins. That is a great tool, especially for turning small pieces right side out. I have two sizes and use them all the time.

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