Family Christmas Tree/ Easy & Quick Ornament

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We have a "Family" Christmas tree. It's a separate tree, and each year we add one ornament, representing the big event from that year. This will be our 6th Christmas, so right now it's just a mini table top tree with a few ornaments on it. But over the years and decades, it will hopefully hold a lot of memories and special ornaments.

2004: We were married

2005: Trip to Hawaii

2006: Trip to Italy

2007: Trip to Chicago (haven't made this one yet..I'm a slacker)

2008: Our son Rhett James (R.J.) was born (also need to make)

2009: Trip to Hawaii

For this, I had bought a vintage postcard. It was actually a print from a travel pamphlet printed originally in 1884. I just mounted the postcard on cardboard that I had covered with holiday paper.
I was thinking how I'd really like to have a bunch of vintage postcards or vintage Christmas cards to make as ornaments. That would be really cool to see the old prints on the tree.
I wish I knew a Grandma that has saved all her Christmas cards from the first half of the 20th century. And hopefully if knew such a Granny, she would also want to give me all her old Christmas cards.
Or I thought it would be neat to buy your favorite Norman Rockwell postcards to make ornaments from, having Norman Rockwell as the the theme of the tree, maybe have some vintage skis or a minature wood runner sled in the tree too.

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