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On my husband's side of the family, all the cousins have a gift exchange. This year our little guy was assigned to Dallin, my oldest nephew. Dallin is 17. His favorite band is AC/DC. So I thought I'd make him a hoodie to enshrine his favorite band.

I had good intentions to actually make the hooded sweatshirt, but I ran out of time and just ended up purchasing a basic, black, zip up hoodie for $10.00.

I appliqued the AC / DC using white waffle knit for the lettering, and had some red knit to back each letter. I sewed the letters on to the sweatshirt with about 1/4" of the knit edging, to give a fringy/ grundgy/ sloppy border.

Then we get to the lame part. The "ROADIE".
I used the freezer paper method with white fabric paint.

I thought it was funny. My husband saw the finished product last night when I asked him to try it on and he said: "Roadie is lame. If I was 17 I wouldn't wear that in public. I would wear a sweatshirt that said Pearl Jam. But a sweatshirt that said Pearl Jam: Roadie I would be too embarrassed to wear around. Lame."

I have to admit I was a little disapointed, but I saw his point. However, I did have the two teenage nieces, who happen to be Dallin's little sisters, approve my design and ask if they thought I should omit the roadie and they liked it. So I hope Dallin likes it, but if not, that is always the gamble of giving a gift I guess. We were all laughing about it, and my Dad reminded me of a knitted checker set my brother got from my aunt when we were kids from our Christmas Cousin Exchange.

So this is my edgy version of a crappy knitted checker set the teenage boy will hate and throw in the closet or give away next Christmas at the White Elephant. Oh well. I thought I was young enough to know what kids would want. I should stick with cash or gift cards.

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