Coffee Table

7:57 PM

The last piece of furniture we've made from Knock Off Wood.

Knock-Off Wood
The mimic of Pottery Barn's Hyde Coffee Table which retails for $399, and Ana's plan which is called the "Tryde Coffee Table".
Because we have the side and console tables, I wanted the coffee table to be somewhat different and unique in the group, so I went with ivory stained legs to set it apart.

The stain was the same for the table top as the side tables,
1/2 c. Minwax Red Mahogany to 1 Tbl Minwax Ebony

After the table top was stained and wiped down with our trash mis-matched socks, I flipped the table over and painted the legs an ivory shade.  The paint was from the Oops section at Home Depot, so 1 qt was only $1.00!

Next I distressed the edges just as I did when we made the bench.  Sanding through the paint to the raw wood in areas the furniture would naturally, or most likely get roughed up.
Next I stained the legs with
3 Tbl Minwax Cherry + 1/2 tsp Minwax Ebony
I let it sit for the full 15 min. allotted on the stain instructions, then wiped it off.

So the white legs aren't as stark bright, but match the distressed table top better.

When the furniture was all finished, not all of our tables sat flush on the ground and were uneven, due to our imperfect carpentry skills.
So we got a package of adjustable table pads from the hardware store.  You just drill them into the bottom of the legs (we used a large forstner drill bit to make holes for the plastic head of the pad so you couldn't see the tables were raised up off the floor.)
What's nice is the pads have felt, nice!
To finish off the furniture, we first used a wipe-on polyurethane, but my husband wanted a more polished look with the paint-on poly  instead.

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  1. Looks beautiful! It all goes so well together! My husband did a similar thing for our dining room table. He used an old door for the top and made the sides/legs like your coffee table. I love it!

  2. Fabulous Table....I love knock off wood....I'm dreaming of a black farm table and my man is going to make it for me.


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