Quick Skirt

7:08 PM

My two nieces are here for the week, and one niece forgot a skirt for church.  So Saturday night we whipped up a quick A-line skirt.
Elastic waist, just the 2 side seams, and we added 1" pink grosgrain ribbon along the hem.
I think she liked it.

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  1. how cute! and yes, looks like she liked it a lot. :)

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  3. She is so cute, and a great model ;) I wish I was as talented as you...sewing is one of those things I just don't get...yet...maybe one day it will just click...maybe, haha.

  4. So I just found your blog through some blog hopping... LOVE IT! My sister does some freezer stencils; she found the idea on line (maybe your blog)... I love the farmhouse window ideas - I live in a farmhouse built in 1922; it's fun. someday I'll be brave enough to post my craft ideas on line - I craft A LOT (why is it that LDS people are all so crafty?!?) and love new ideas. Thanks for sharing! Linda (momofabanana(at)gmail(dot)com...

  5. GO, girl!! So want to do this for cousins!!


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