Pantry Backing

1:06 AM

Just a little quick project, that maybe is a no brainer, but was my first time backing a shelf with fabric.
I've seen lots of cool projects backing cabinets, hutches, bookcases, etc. with fabric or paper.
So I thought I'd throw up a piece in my pantry that was once a bookcase. Remember this project?

So I measured the dimensions on the back of the top shelf.
Next I cut the fabric with an Olfa mat and blade to get perfect straight right corners.

Then I got my bottle of Mod Podge to glue it in the back of the shelf.

I couldn't decide if it would be better to paint the glue on the shelf and smooth the fabric over it, or just paint the back of the fabric with the Mod Podge glue.  I went with plan B and just painted the Mod Podge on the fabric with a sponge brush.  I placed it in on the back of the shelf and needed to add a little glue to the corners and along the top.

I used outdoor fabric which is quite thick and stiff, so just glued it in lightly and I was done.

If you've never used Mod Podge, it's just a glue that dries clear and you can buy it in different finishes, gloss, matte, etc.  It's also nice because it's relatively easy to clean up I found since I dumped a ton on my counter tonight, and cleaning it up wasn't as bad as my initial "Crap! What have I done pouring half the bottle of glue all over!" reaction.

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  1. I have never seen your blog before. This is wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to video and take pics. It's so helpful to actually see what the directions mean.

  2. Very fun - I love your backpacks too!!


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