How To Paint Your Mantle

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From the beginning, I wanted to paint the mantle.  For the same reasons I wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets.  But as we were planning everything, my husband said he didn't think we should just paint over an oak mantle.
{I actually don't think it's oak}

So I put it on the back burner and told him to think about it.  Once all the kitchen cabinets, doors, and trim in the house were white, he saw the light and told me Sunday, he would let me paint it afterall.  I was excited and jumped on it.

So here's the BEFORE when we moved in with the yellow walls:
The process was pretty much the same as painting your kitchen cabinets, so you can click there for more detailed info.

But quickly:
I used a trim roller and brush for this project.
1. Clean and tape off carefully
2.  Prime with oil based primer
3. Paint 2 coats latex paint--semi-gloss
I used Behr Popped Corn
4. Allow to dry at least overnight before using

Now to figure out what to put on it.  The mirror is has to go there.  Although right now it's hung on the wall, and it fills the space between the mantle and ceiling.  I've thought about actually sitting right on the mantle, (obviously I'd have to secure it to the wall so it wouldn't fall off)
 I'm new to decorating, so if you have any good ideas, or links to mantles that are great, I'd appreciate tips!
I think my style would be more rustic than modern.  I'm actually still trying to figure out my style so I don't really know.  I mainly have specific items I really love, not necessarily a total themed style.
I really don't know anything about interior design, so I'm just kind of winging it.
But anyway, I love the new mantle and I can't wait until Christmas time to turn on the fireplace to make it feel cozy!

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  1. Definitely sit it right on the mantle! It will give you less of a squished feeling.

  2. Looks great - definitely agree with sitting it on the mantle instead of hanging it.

  3. Anything oak should be painted. The grain just looks bleh. The painted mantle looks great. I agree with the other comments about the mirror. It just looks too staged where it is. Play around with it, instead of centering it, try it off center with some other arranged items near it. And..............if you keep thinking about it once you think you have it the way you like it, it probably means you really do not like it deep down. So, keep arranging until truly satisfied.

  4. Looks like a million dollars!! You did a really fabulous job!!

  5. I love the new look! I would love to paint our mantle, but it is surrounded by wood paneling. That is way more than I am willing to handle. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I like it lots better. Looks a little more ritzy and modern.

  7. Love it so much better white.


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