Movie Drawers

2:45 PM

Another thrift store upgrade.
For years, I've been looking for metal card holders.  I saw them in a magazine used as a console table once, kind of like an industrial apothecary table or something. 

So when I saw these in our local thrift store, I bought them, not entirely sure what I'd use them for.  The big one was $5.00 and the little green was $3.00.

So I was delighted to find VHS fit in the little one on their backs length wise, and DVDs fit perfectly in the large one.  New storage for all the kid movies that are spread all over!

So the same process as a lot of other little spray paint make overs.
1. Remove hardware
2. Spray a coat of primer
3. 2 coats spray paint
I chose Stain White for the boxes, and Oil Rubbed Bronze for the hardware.

This font is Bleeding Cowboys from

I had been looking at other storage boxes, and found simple photo boxes started at $5.00, and they're made out of cardboard!  So I felt these metal guys that ended up being less were a great option.

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  1. Love, love, love this! Thank you for your fun ideas.

  2. Very cute indeed... You've inspired me now to go to the art shop and spend the gift voucher I've had sitting on my desk for weeks. TIme to get creative!


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