Hyde Side and Console Tables

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Knock-Off Wood
Rhett and I made these tables from her "Tryde" collection.
Side table plans HERE
Console table plans HERE

These are plans to knock off Pottery Barn's Hyde collection.  I love the rustic aspects of these tables, the ends of each table top have the wood going the other direction--"breadboards".  I really liked that element.
Also, making them ourselves was a fun project to do together, we feel like we've made family heirlooms, and we saved SO much money!

Console Table Retail: $499
Side Table Retail: $199

So we just followed Ana's plans to make each table.

After construction was complete, we sanded the tables down.
Next we distressed them with hammers, and a chain.

I had distressed the bench we made earlier, and told Rhett you just pound it with the chain.
The only chain handy was the chain for a tire, a huge net of links.
I had just used one end with 8 links or so on the bench.
I was inside upholstering and Rhett came in and said: "We need to run to Home Depot to buy more wood so we can make a new table, I trashed the top with that chain."
We went out and it was really distressed.  I asked how it happened, and he'd taken the whole tire chain and with one massive swing brought it all down at once.  I told him my method with just a few, and we laughed and decided it just added "more character" which has become what we say when we mess up.

I stained the table with
1/2 c. Minwax Red Mahogany : 1 T Minwax Ebony

So they're pretty dark, and just took one coat of stain, following the instructions on the cans.

So our table top...with extra "character"

So if you need furniture, try her plans!
Tools we used were:
circular saw
miter box/ saw

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  1. Wow, wonderful job!

    By the way, I put the post up about your button yesterday. Thanks so much for answering my questions!

  2. Awesome!! Those look fabulous jess! Man, I am getting an itch to get in my new place and get to work!!

  3. Wow, these came out looking great! Don't you just LOOOOVE Knock Off Wood? I think she is a great woman, and I'm currently working on a desk from her plans! Keep building, you're great at it!

  4. Very classic. I like the darker stain on yours. So you showed what they retail for, but you didn't mention how much it cost to build them. It would be cool to see how significant the savings is for doing it yourself.

  5. Man...you've really been at it. These are great! I need to pass this along to my husband so he can get busy. Totally awesome! :) Thanks for sharing!


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