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There is this little cubby behind our front door and I've been thinking of possible things to go there for a while, which was why I was excited when I found this guy:
Well this was an exciting project for me because it was so inexpensive.
Inside the table was all the hardware to hold a sewing machine, but no machine, which was probably why it was going for only $2.00
So I ripped all of that out and threw it away.

But on the swinging door of the table, there was the thread holding case.
Initially I was planning on taking that out as well, and nailing the door closed for good, but then a better idea popped in my head.

So I took it off, and snagged a cup cabinet handle from Lowes for $1.20 and painted them.
Primed first, then spray painted.
Then I sanded, primed and painted the cabinet and door. 
The paint is an ivory I bought from the OOPS shelf at Home Depot for $1.00
After 2 coats of the semi-gloss ivory paint, it was time to fasten on my hardware.
I measured the center horizontally and vertically.
I measured the distance between the screws on my handle, and drilled the holes.  After drilling the first one, I actually put the handle on the one side and swiveled it level, to check before drilling the second hole.  I had measured a little off, so it was a good thing I checked before.
Then I just screwed on the handle, put the door back on the cabinet along with the thread holder and...
Here she is!
Tucked behind our front door to hold our keys and purses.
I used Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on the handle.  I really liked the end result with the handle on the door, I thought it did end up looking like a drawer,

but it opens and there go all the keys I'm constantly loosing.
The worst was last weekend after we'd loaded our moving truck and were getting ready to pull out to drive out of state to move, and I'd lost the keys to the car to follow him.  So we had to partially unload the truck to get the spare out of the dresser drawer.  That stunk, I hate loosing keys!

So the total run down:
$2.00 sewing table
$1.00 for 1 qt Oops paint
$1.20 for hardware
TOTAL: $4.20 for this whole table!!
(I already had the spray primer and paint, and the regular primer and sandpaper so I didn't count those)

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  1. That is so clever! I love it. What a genius idea for a key hider! I'm loving all your redo idea - those lights are fantastic!!

  2. I love this! I want bargains like you find... just without having to search. Probably not going to happen. I am amazed at how much you can get done, by the way. It all turns out great too!

  3. How do you know how to do this? Seriously you are a genius!

  4. What a very clever idea to hang your keys in there!!! Super cute! It looks very at home in its spot!

  5. love you jess. I already miss you.

  6. you blow my mind!! how in the world do you have the vision!!! FABULOUS!

  7. what a great deal and a great table. I always get a bit jealous of people who find awesome furniture for so cheap. :)

  8. love the hidden key door! great job!

  9. What an awesome makeover! LOVE the key ring holder - Genius!!!

  10. Fabulous makeover for a fabulous price! I really like the new drawer pull on the front...genius idea to hide your keys. :) You could keep extra sunglasses or something on the little "shelf" behind the keys. I'm visiting from The CSI Project. My post was an older one-- #5 on the list. :)


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