Dandelion Update

5:00 AM

The lame floppy danelion center?

Well thank to all the great comments and ideas to remedy the problem, here's the update. 
There were so many great solutions, but I went with what I thought was easiest in the end.
It took less than 5 mintutes and I like it a lot better.
I just stuffed the loose center from the back and sewed a circle scrap behind it to hold the puffed center.  I like the additional 3D element to the canopy, and it looks a lot better than it did.

Thanks for all your suggestions!  Usually when a project doesn't end up as I'd envisioned, I almost just want to throw it away and not waste any more time or energy on it.  But I appreciate everyone offering their fresh look on how to fix the things I hated about it.

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