Birthday Tie Quilt

4:42 PM

While my mom was hear she helped me tie a quilt for my son's birthday.
Tying a quilt with yarn is one of the easiest ways to quilt, but I'd never done it without quilting frames.  I usually machine quilt, but with the stretchy minky, I wasn't even going to try that.

My favorite part of the quilt is the corner where I "signed" it sewing the patch with my free motion presser foot, then zig-zagging it on.
Lately, my son refers to himself as "RJ Boy", that is what my dad calls him.
I don't have quilting frames, so we just quilted this on my dining table.
One side is 2 yards of lime dot minky fabric (it's 60" wide) I bought at JoAnns when it was 50% off.  Then the layer of batting, and the top of the quilt is actually a striped twin flat sheet I bought on clearance 2 years ago after "back to school" ended.

We just laid the 3 layers together on the floor, and used large safety pins to connect all three layers.  Then we moved it to the table and marked every 4" and tied the quilt with lime yarn.  To be honest, I bet my mom quilted 80% of this quilt.  I kept getting interrupted with the kids, and she's a lot faster than I am.  So I should have probably put "love, Grandma and mom" on the patch.

I bound it with the left over striped sheet.

We'll see if he likes it.  Usually a quilt isn't that exciting for kids, but he's loved his sister's blue minky quilt, so I hope he will like it.

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  1. I just made a post about my first quilt making experience. I yarn tied because I was too scared to machine quilt! It's also the only way that was taught to me.
    I also hand sewed the binding to the back...which took forever. I am definitely going to let the machine do all the work next time!

  2. I just finished a similar blanket/quilt for my nephew (due in May). I was silly and thought I could machine quilt it...that minky doesn't lay still no matter how many pins you have in it! Let's just say that I had to get creative. :)

  3. ohhh...that patch is my absolute favorite part too. How perfectly adorable.

  4. Looks super cozy. I love the signed patch as well. My grandma made me some pajama pants with a patch that said "Made by Phyllis" and I loved it.

  5. How amazing to create what will become a family heirloom! Beautiful!

  6. These our my favorite quilts to sleep with. My grandpa had one that he always napped with and when he passed away I inherited it. My grandma made beautiful quilts and won many awards. She would make each family member a quilt in turn. Everyone thought I was crazy because about every time it was my turn for a quilt I would ask for one of these instead. I am sure my grandma loved the break from her hand quilting. I have never liked sleeping with a heavy quilt and this these always felt so light and comfortable. I still have all of them that she made me but my 1st one is my favorite. I haven't been able to use it in several years because it is so worn out. I will be making one of these for each of my daughter's soon. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)


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