Diaper Covers

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One of the last projects on my list before baby comes.  Now my list is actually winding down, I keep wanting to add to it.  It's been nice to have goals to keep me busy to help the time pass this last month or so.  But I guess I'll see if I feel up to getting more things done, or just do the minimum.  If I can, time sure goes faster if I'm working on things.
This obvioulsy wasn't that important, but a fun, quick project.
I used the 0-3 mo newborn size for the white covers, but decided they were too small to last the summer and made the color covers 3-6 month.

So now we have some undies to go under the baby dresses.

I made on little pair that was fun out of white eyelet scraps.

It was kind of hard to see on an empty diaper cover, so I grabbed the hippo again to model.

To add the ruffles, I cut strips 1.5" wide and serged both sides.  I just zig-zagged each strip across the back piece before sewing anything else.  I have 4 ruffles.
Around the legs, I just folded the ruffles under as part of the leg casing.

So I'm down to the one week mark.  I'm 39 weeks and I'll most likely be induced Monday March 21, so final countdown is here.

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  1. Can I just say that I am ah-mazed by all that you have done right before giving birth.

    I was lucky to get showered and dressed, let alone sew a whole wardrobe.


    I do hope you get to rest a little.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  2. I would be sewing like crazy too, if I could have in those last weeks. Get some rest, too! :)

  3. So cute. My last post was on a pair of bloomers/diaper cover I made to go with one of my grand's Easter dress.

  4. I love these diaper covers. The colors are great, and I always love ruffle bums! So cute!

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog and I am so inspired by it. I'm having a little boy and am due tomorrow (!) somehow I still think I have time for a few more projects too... :) This post is timed perfectly, since I want something to cover his little diaper for newborn photos. I think I can make something boy-worthy. Thanks again!

  6. Holy cow, Jessica, you are AMAZING!!! I love the cute dresses and diaper cover's you made! You blog is fabulous!

  7. You are amazing and your little will be so cute in all her new clothes.

  8. All the best for your final week! xx

  9. Good luck. The last week or two drag so horribly and made me swear I'd be pregnant forever. I hope they go quickly for you, and you get all sorts of work done before baby arrives.

  10. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog while looking at your dino tails and found this post and oh my goodness! I posted about these on my blog yesterday. I JUST made a pair of these YESTERDAY and even put them on a teddy bear!! How funny! Great minds think alike I suppose! I do love the way you added the eyelet ruffles! My ruffles are really REALLY ruffly, yours are simple and sweet and I think I'l have to give them a shot! Love love LOVE your blog! Thanks!!


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