Butterfly Easter Dress

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My little girl will be about a month old for Easter this year, so I thought I'd plan ahead and get a little dress ready.
I found the butterfly cotton print at Walmart for $1.50/yard.
The tangerine eyelet was a scrap from a dress I made back in 2006. 
I made the tangerine dress for a big graduation trip my husband and I took to Italy.  It was light, cool, and comfortable.  When I made it back then, it seemed really out of place, but now it seems like waisted dresses are all over.  My husband says it reminds him of a waitress uniform at a 50s diner...ya, I can see that.  Just missing the apron, the gum, but I do have the snotty attitude.

Rome was amazing, except the day we dedicated to the Vatican and I crapped my pants.

But back to this little easter dress using my Rome dress scraps.
This was really easy, just a big tube for the skirt.  I sewed the layers together in one big rectangle, then had one seam for the back.

For the bodice, I cut it really wide, then shirred it up using the elastic thread in my bobbin and rows 1/4" apart.

The sleeves create the shoulder, like a baseball tee.  Then to cinch the neck all together, I made a casing with a 2" strip of tangerine cut on the bias and laced 1/4" elastic through.
So far I have this satin flower headband to coordinate and I've thought about making some baby shoes out of the scraps to match.

This really was a simple dress to make.  I was kind of winging it, and it ended up turning out alright, so let me know if anyone is interested in a pattern/ tutorial.
PS I know how to avoid all the bunch at the waist for next time.

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  1. This is really sweet, love the color!

  2. Oh that is so sweet. You have been so busy, it must be getting close now. I can't wait to see her pictures and hear about how your son likes his baby sister. He is bound to be a good helper.

  3. Love the dress! But love your Rome story even more! So funny! Although I'm sure it wasn't even remotely funny at the time! I was pregnant when I went to Italy and had to use the bathrooms every two seconds, unfortunately there were NEVER any restaurants around. One of my only compaints about the trip :)

  4. Ok so I read the rome story, and I laughed so hard! I was really sick once when I was pregnant and I mean really sick throwing up like crazy and once mid throw up my belly full of baby forced my bowels too and I crapped my pants, it was soooo embarrassing, and sadly I got no sympathy... but know I laugh about it, and my husband never lets me live it down... charming.
    Your story made me laugh and sympathize with you. And the dress is darling!

  5. I'm pretty sure I NEED a tutorial for that dress. I love it!

  6. I'd love a tutorial. Very cute!

  7. The dress is adorable (both of them :). I'd love a tutorial!

  8. what a darling dress and would love a tutorial! I found you via Ucreate...and I must admit you made my friday afternoon reading your Rome story. I know it wasn't funny then but it definitely gave me a good chuckle! :)

  9. I would love a tutorial. Such a cute dress!

  10. the dress is adorable! I love the fabric. I wouldn't have guessed that you got it at walmart.

    I nearly laughed myself silly reading your Rome story. My husband had a similar experience while riding the subway in nyc. Luckily he found a bathroom in time (barely) which is kind of a miracle in manhattan.

  11. Love the dress! The colours are so pretty and what a great match. I'd love a tutorial too.

    I've got the giggles about your Rome story too. Thanks for sharing!

  12. p.s.- i really love the dress you mde for your trip. super cute and retro!

  13. A tute would be great! My little one will be about 3 mos. at Easter. SO cute! Her 4-yr-old sister wants to match her baby sister, so maybe I could make 2?

  14. I don't have any kids, but I'd love to see a tutorial so I could use it when I do have kids!

  15. Oh dear, I read your blog all the time, but I felt that I had to comment because your Rome story moved me to tears...of laughter. I think more people have had unpleasant experiences with poop than they care to admit. I freely admit I've had my share. But that isn't what really got me. I mean, I chuckled and giggled a bit through the whole thing because I can just imagine. (It was well written.) But what got me to crying with laughter was your Mom's response. "It was that good?" I could not stop laughing.

    Just in case you think I didn't even look at the sweet little dress in the post, I did. Lucky baby. :)

  16. Great Rome story! I love your husband's name, it is the same as my 19 mo old son. This is the first time I've been on your blog, but it seems great!


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