Season 2 Auditions

3:19 PM

Click over to Sugar Bee Craft Edition and submit any crafty project if you'd like to audition for One Month To Win It: Season 2.
Your 4 projects would compete during the month of April!
Auditions open for one week, through March 16th.
You can also go vote on week 1: Trash to Treasure of season 1 through Friday.

1st Place:
$50 Target Gift Card from Cash for Maternity
$25 gift certificate to Cherished Bliss
Bracelet and Earrings ($40 value) from Aztec Art
2nd Place:
Custom Monogrammed Teddy Bear ($40 value) from Caytee Belle's Classics
$25 gift certificate to Amazon or craft supplies store from Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop
3rd Place:
$25 gift certificate to Photo Jewelry Making

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