Awesome Reader Projects!

3:13 PM

Susan made a little dino tail for her little girl, using fun prints, rounded "spikes" with the rick-rack edges!
Such a cute dino tail and she says she's new to sewing, and this looks just awesome!

Paula from Qreative Quail made a whole family of shark washcloth puppets as a baby shower gift.  They turned out so cute and I love the idea of having button eyes and different sizes to make the whole family.


from Ashlyn911
Cute owl tote with her own owl applique

{left from CaitlinBaker}        {right from rebeccutie}
Baby sleep sacks!  I thought the ribbon closure on the left was a cute alternative to elastic, and can close all the way so little feet can't get out.
The soft knit flower embellishment on the left was a cute addition, and she upcycled her fabrics from a sheet and hand-me-down flannel.

Onesie to summer dress by cacimay.  Cute custom embroidery, and she designed the headband herself!

Thanks everyone for uploading your projects in the flickr group, or emailing your projects.  I love to see the tutorials I made are getting used, and to see your alterations and improvements!
So if you have a blog, make sure you add your blog link in your flickr post so I can link back to your project on your blog too!

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  1. That dino tail is on my to-do list too! Love it girl-ified too!

  2. thanks for sharing. The dino tail is a must make for my two 3 year old grandchildren.

  3. So cute it would make a nice addition to my grandkids costume bag.


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