Itty Bitty Dress Variation

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Most of you are probably already familiar with Rae.
She's hosting the famous Celebrate the Boy series with Dana.
She has a free pattern/ tutorial for the Itty Bitty Dress, and a few readers have left comments recommending her pattern.
So here's my little version.

I wish I knew how big this baby girl is going to be--my first baby was 9 lb 8 oz and was born having to wear 3-6 month clothes.  The outfit I brought to the hospital barely fit on his chubby body.  Fat guy in a little suit.
So I made the dress bigger than Rae's pattern, in case I have another jumbo baby, so it will hopefully be big enough for the summer (I'm hoping she's just a little 6 lb peanut).

I finished and realized this dress matches her room.  I guess I'm on a red/ turquoise kick.
The red chevron knit was from and they had purple too when I bought it a few weeks ago.  I lined the bodice with a scrap from a red t-shirt.
Another variation was changing the shoulder straps from the ties to the back folding over wiht buttons.
The pattern narrows at the base to tie, but I kept each strap 2" wide and then kept the rounded ends on the back straps 2" shorter than the pattern.  I just cut straight across for the front straps.
I added the turquoise trim in the seams when I sewed the bodice lining to the exterior.  It was just 1" strips of cotton broadcloth cut on the bias and ironed in half, sewn in with 1/4" seam allowance, so 1/8" is showing.  The waist strip was also cut on the bias and just sewn to the bodice right before attaching the skirt.

So far my husband says this is his favorite dress I've made for her.

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  1. That's so cute, I would wear it myself if it was a top. :-) I especialy love that it is so girly without beeing pink.

  2. It is cute as can be! I hope you have a 6 lb girl too! :)

  3. Small FYI:
    I gained 55lbs with my son who was born 8lbs 8oz.
    I gained 35 with my daughter four years later so I thought she would be a little peanut too.WRONG! she was an ounce BIGGER than her brother had been!!
    Kudos to you for going bigger for the dress!!! :)
    ps, I'm only 5'2" so yeah, I was HUGE when I was pg. Everyone thought I was having twins for sure.

  4. that's so cute! i love all the details. awesome job!

  5. This dress is adorable. You make the cutest stuff! Funny, my daughter is between two boys. She was the biggest baby I had.

  6. Very cute! Love that it's bright and cheerful without being traditional baby colors.

  7. Adorable! I love the red and turquoise together and that chevron print is great! I had big babies, too.

  8. I adore this little dress! oh my. the chevron with the teal-perfect. the buttons are too cute also!

  9. suuuuper cute. So was the easter dress- lady you are on the ball! i love that this one matches her room.
    my first two babies were 6 1/2 pounders so i'm interested to see if this one will be the same or bigger with all the nutritional changes we've undergone... who knows! for your sake i hope she's a little bit tinier than your sweet son :O)

  10. The dress is so dang cute...I agree it's my favorite too. I might be tempted to add some teal to the bottom too.

  11. Oh I love this. I want to go and see if they have that fabric right now.

    PS I also love the picture of your Little Man shoved in his newborn outfit...the reference to Chris Farley made me chuckle.

  12. That is so adorable! I love the turquoise and red together. Beautiful dress!

  13. I think we made the same fabric order from I just bought a bunch of that red chevron, plus a yard of that floral knit you used for another baby dress. Gotta love the super sales! Good luck with the new baby. :)


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