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Remember it's the last day to audition for One Month To Win It for March.

I've been getting things for our family room together, these items are a few accents in the mustard color.

I found these ceramic vases for $3.00 each.

I decided I'd keep the bottoms the same, so I taped them off with paper. 

Spray paint primer.
Then I used acrylic craft paint to paint them mustard. 

Next I dilutted brown acrylic paint and dry brushed it on to make brownish streaks.
To finish it off, I sealed it with a gloss varnish.
Then got 2 fake grass globs from the dollar store to put in them.  Not sure if I love the fake grass...those may change out with something better.

This next project was really easy.  I found a package of rattan balls at the dollar store, and used the mustard acrylic craft paint and a sponge brush to dab paint on them.
You can see they're not perfectly painted.  If I'd had yellow spray paint that would have been better.
But from a distance you can't tell it's a crappy paint job.

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  1. Um, may be a crappy painting job, but personally I REALLY like it. Even up close. Just my opinion!

  2. And uh... by that I meant I didn't think you did a crappy painting job, I was just using your words. haha!

  3. Ahh. I just love a good thrift store revival!

  4. Love the vases. Not such a fan of the grass. What about orchids in the blue or mustard or nearly red.


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