Twin Lamps

5:00 AM

I found two little lamps that were the same, except different colors for $3.00 each.

To make them identical, I gave them a little makeover.

Gray spray paint primer.
Then painted with satin latex paint I had laying left over from this entry bench.

I found affordable small shades at Lowes that clip on the light bulb.  Lowes had much better selection on lamp shades than Home Depot.

These are small lamps, probably more for a nightstand.  So on each end of our console table, I thought they needed some height.  Some old books did the trick.  Not all the bindings were that cool, so I stacked them with the pages facing front, then I thought it would kind of seem more cohesive anyway to have pages rather than different colors of book bindings.

So here's the console table currently.
 I can't decide what to add, or what I should put in that bird cage.  I've thought of everything from something generic like 3 thick candles different heights, to something totally random like a tea pot or tea cup and saucer, or something that makes sense like a ceramic bird painted white, or just a bird nest.
Or I could leave it empty.

I would like suggestions!
Also, opposite the birdcage I was thinking of just having a photo in a frame on the table. 
But leave your ideas on that hole too. 

Above the console table is this family wedding collage.
Below is a wicker basket.

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  1. The book boosters are perfect, and I love that shade of blue. I think a birds nest would look lovely.

  2. How about putting some vases in the birdcage, fill them with water and then put some flowers in so it looks as if they grow out of the cage?

  3. If I were you, I'd put a small plant in an aged terracotta pot. :)
    Good luck!

  4. I put a little elephant toy in my birdcage and it's totally the best idea I've ever had. I love random stuff in birdcages so you should put something weird in there!

  5. I would find a ceramic cat and paint it white and put it in there....Oh a goldfish bowl would be cute too.

  6. My vote is for a bird nest with some little eggs or a little bird. That would be so cute!

  7. I don't usually comment, but I'm an avid reader. I love that you've been sharing decor along the way, and I adore the mustard yellow color.

    I found a few posts from another favorite blog of mine that would probably help you out with the console table decor- it did for me anyways:

  8. those lamps are totally cute, and needed the books underneath--great idea. my initial thought was a plant, perhaps a succulen or two (maybe a couple of different height pots). a pop of green would look great.

  9. Flowers.. white ones.. big beautiful white flowers

  10. Not sure what for inside the cage, but I think a little crazy teapot or a watering can. (:

  11. I actually really like the elephant toy idea! I'd move your lamps just a little bit closer together, and maybe add two more books to give them a tad more height. Or use some thicker books or something. The top of the shades and your framed piece on the wall are all on the same level. So, if you can break that up a bit I think it will help the whole thing blend together a little bit better and look more like it's supposed to go together. I like the family pic idea too. But I'd make sure it was at least 8x10 size, and vertical, to try and fill in that white wall behind the table, and under the other big piece. Or if you have a few smaller non people pieces of art (like landscape photos or watercolors or something) you could hang them on the wall opposite the birdcage, then you could do a smaller photo in front to give it some depth. And the more I look at your birdcage the more I love it. Did you find it at DI? It's awesome!

  12. I love the lamps sitting on the books. Great idea. For the bird cage I think a nest with some little blue speckled eggs would be cute and may a random bird feather too.

  13. I think something green would offset the colors beautifully.

  14. How about a little art installation piece, in which origami cranes (made from book pages) flutter out of the cage and up the wall to the window frame -- helps tie everything together. I would personally leave the space to the left of the cage empty. A little greenery would also be nice, as already repeatedly mentioned. Or what about some unexpected softie/plushie in the cage -- a stuffed toy rendition of one of your son's drawings? photo transfers of your own family made into soft figures?

  15. I saw on a blog where someone had a birdcage like that & she used very small clips & attached photos to the cage...used the cage as like a photo collage/stand. I will try to find the pics of it as clearly my description isn't making much sense!

    Jen P.

  16. I agree about tiny plants or succulents for a pop of green, optimally in a terra cotta pot. Crate and Barrel has some great tiny faux plants for this exact purpose right now ( My second idea would be some moss covered decor balls. C&B has some of these, too.

  17. I know I'm late to the party. My suggestion would be an ivy plant that will trail outside of the cage. What did you decide to do with it?


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