Catch Up

12:13 PM

It's been a while, and I actually have projects to share, but our computer is broken with all the photos on it, so hopefully I'll be able to post them soon.
Also, we've had 2 sick kids, I hate when your infant gets a cold and congested.

But if you haven't, you should hop over to One Month To Win It to vote for

And if you'd like to compete, season 3 auditions to compete the month of May are coming up soon!
Also while you're there, check out the sponsors this season!
OMTWI Season 2 Sponsored by:

Sunburnt CowPhoto Making JewelryCaytee Belle's Classics
Aztec ArtCherished Bliss

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  1. Hope your kids feel better soon! (And hope your computer feels better soon, too.)


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