Nerd Shirt #2

11:01 AM

Last year I made my husband this spreadsheet nerd shirt.

This year he got another one for his birthday:

Rhett loves brackets.  I don't know if it comes from playing sports growing up.  He was a wrestler, so lots of tournaments and brackets.  One time he was playing with our nephews and they dumped out a whole box of old action figures and made a bracket with over 100 guys and fought them, using a coin to determine the winner, all the way to 1 champion.  I think it may have even been double elimination and took all afternoon.

I've grown to appreciate the bracket too I guess.  Whenever we want to watch a movie and can't decide, we do a 8 man double elimination bracket.  So we each pick 4 movies and take turns choosing which movie wins down to the champion.  This works really well in big groups too because at the end, whichever movie wins, each person gave input so technically it should best represent the group.
So enough of our nerdy every day bracketing. 
I used freezer paper stenciling to make the shirt.  The t-shirt I just bought at Wal-Mart.
Man I wish I had a Silhouette machine.
I chose to paint the negative space on this one, so I cut out all the letters and ironed them on, then for the brackets I just used a paper cutter to slice thin strips of freezer paper and ironed them on in the bracket shape.  

Obviously imperfections due to hand cutting everything.

Yesterday was his 30th birthday and this was his handmade  gift.  I think he liked it-- he opened it and asked where I found it.  I told him I made it, there aren't many bracket lovers out there I don't think.

So far I like this nerd birthday shirt tradition, he has a few other nerdy loves, but topographical mapping is a challenge for a shirt I haven't figured out yet.  I'd rather not have to learn about topographical maps in order to do it for next year.

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  1. Looks awesome. I actually have a few good ideas about topographical mapping. I love those kinds of maps. Lets you expand your mind.

  2. I love it! And using a bracket to determine what movie to watch is just pure genius. We are paper rock scissors deciders, but a bracket sounds like way more fun :)

  3. He's not the only one who loves brackets. They're all over our house in March. :) Happy Birthday!

  4. That is so great- I really need to try this freezer paper shirt making stuff! I have a feeling it might be a bit addictive once you know what you are doing- the possibilities might be endless... except topographical maps- you're right there.

  5. Does he use a compass for topo mapping? I used to run adventure races, and for the orienteering sectios, we used a clear compass with the topo map to find the coordinates. Or if it is orienteering that he's into, the ornge and white box flag signalling the checkpoint would work!

  6. Jess that's awesome! And hilarious that you guys use brackets for decision-making.

    FYI the best deal for a Silhouette that I've found is on

  7. You and me both wish we had a Silhouette! The things I could do... *sigh*


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