Sweater Pillow

10:39 PM

Just a simple, little throw pillow.  I used an aqua colored sweater vest.  It's basically just sewing two rectangles right sides together leaving a few inches unsewn to turn it right side out, then fill with Polyfil and sew the hold shut.

I had a piece of trim for the edges, and the sweater adds some texture.
I did cut 2 rectangles of some scrap fabric to baste the sweater rectangles to.  Having each sweater pieces sewn to regular fabric helps keep the sweater from stretching out of shape. 

Nothing too fancy, but a quick way to make a pillow and upcycle an old sweater.

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  1. Love the aqua against the browns. Just beautiful!

  2. Pillows looks great. Love that you were able to make a beautiful pillow out of an old shirt. Way to go green during Earth day weekend.

  3. I love the texture of this pillow! If I could I would have a couch full of throw pillows because they are so fun! But I don't so we have a place to sit.

  4. So clever to add a backing for the sweater. I adore the color.


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