Rolled Fabric Rosette Pillow

11:12 PM

Here's a decor pillow cover I've been planning on sewing for a while.  I'm sure you've seen fabric flower tutorials all over blogs for a long time.
Here is a tutorial that is probably the closest to what I ended up doing-- from Ashley at Make It and Love It.
{for mine, I just made them huge starting with strips 5" wide and 50" long}
I finally make a few.

I had some left over scraps from the living room curtains, which I used to make the flowers.

I took about 5" strips and folded it in half wrong sides together.
Then I serged the bottom raw edges, then hand sewed each layer around the center.

To make the flowers more open rather than tall and tight, I eventually had to sew each layer just to the layer before it.  So if you flipped a flower upside down, everything wasn't sewn to the center, but more in a spiral.

To finish the end, I just folded it under.

I just made a pillow cover so I can wash it.  You could use my tutorial here for the pillow cover, and just sew your flowers on the front.
I machine sewed each flower to the pillow front, just sewing as close to the center as I could around the outer most layer.

For the border, I found a strip of trim from my aunt's stash she gave me.  It matched perfectly, what luck! 

For being such a quick project, it sure took me months to finally get to it and use the scraps.  The most tedious part was hand sewing the flowers, but all in all a pretty simple pillow that adds a lot of texture to the room. 

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  1. Love it! I love that there are little stripes on the flowers.

  2. oh my goodness LOVE THESE PILLOWS , love everything you do :)

  3. Very pretty. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I always love your crafting ideas - they are classy and straightforward.

    I know you've got plenty of traffic and followers already, but I'd like to give you a blogger award! Please stop by my site to pick it up! :)

  5. Will you have a tutorial on how to make the flowers?

  6. I didn't have a tutorial, but did add a link to a tutorial for these flowers, just make them huge compared to her baby ones.

  7. Thanks for the information on the rolled rosettes. Love your blog. Keep it comming.


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