Lumber Jack Coat

11:00 AM

This is my cute niece, Tana.
We are both tall, (Tana is taller than I am at 6') and we both lament the fact you can never buy a coat or jacket with sleeves that are long enough.
So I decided Tana needed a coat.

She got excited and knew right from the beginning she wanted the red buffalo plaid lumber jack print.
I found it in fleece from, along with white faux fur lining.
As we were designing the coat, we found this coat as the inspiration:
must have lumberjack jacketTorn by Ronny Kobo Lumberjack Jacket.
But rather than having the lapel type collar, Tana wanted a hood.
She's only 19 so I thought a hood felt younger and more casual for the lumberjack print.

The chest pockets are big patch pockets, and the slanted pockets at the waist are thick welt pockets lined in black.
There are also epaulets at the shoulders.

It is a warm coat, with the outer  fleece and faux fur lining.

We were extra brilliant with the hood.
Rather than using the faux fur, which would make your hair a static mess, I lined the hood with white slub knit.

I forgot to buy extra to allow pattern matching and just did the best I could, so it's not perfect, but pretty close.

I was so glad Tana could have a coat with long sleeves!
Lumber jack is really popular, most websites were out of stock when we were looking for inspiration ideas.

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  1. What a gorgeous coat! Nicely done, and I like the age-appropriate/stylistic adjustments you made. The hood really does add a bit of youthful flare to it.

  2. I've been loving how you've been sewing for your family. The coat is lovely!

  3. the coat is a winner and Tana is fortunate to have you for an aunt. Is she your older sisters daughter ?? Has she shown any interest in sewing or any of the multiple talents you have /

  4. Love it. I have problems with sleeves too short also.

  5. Love this! Now I want one with a hood. I'm 32, is that too old?

    1. I'd not be the one to know, but most of my coats and jackets have hoods!

    2. Me too! By age-appropriate (in my earlier comment) I meant to imply that without a hoodie they're just too serious looking. ;)

  6. I think that's a great coat! It turned out really cute, and I love that it has a hood, but still looks nicer than just a regular old hoodie. I love the photo shoot pics too---especially her with the ax. How fun!

  7. Oh my goodness that is FABULOUS!
    I love it. It looks so great of your niece too!
    You lucky tall talented people:)

  8. It looks awesome!! Again I am inspired to sew more clothing. Hopefully with more practice I can get them to look this good! I am figuring out the the pattern is the key here. You have to make sure it fits your measurements well or else you can throw the piece out the window. I guess this is where I need to practice, making the pattern fit my body. Great job!

  9. great job on the coat! as a fellow tall girl who has always been frustrated by sleeves that are too short, i completely understand the annoyance! love the design, and love the pics!


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