Simple Blouse Is Coming...with Tech Improvements!!

4:00 AM

Over a year in the making, I'm finally releasing my Simple Blouse pattern!

I went a different direction with the technical side of the Simple Blouse from my prior PDF sewing patterns.
I think it will be much better in quality and more user friendly.

There are some great things about purchasing a sewing pattern in a digital format.
-instant download
-access to designer if you have questions
-can save and store file digitally 

But some things stink about digital sewing patterns.

This Simple Blouse pattern is like other PDF patterns, requiring to print and assemble tiles to form final sewing pattern pieces.
But if you hate that,  I've created an easier option:
I've included an additional file when you purchase the pattern to print the pattern pieces at your local print and copy store!

I use and upload the file at home, pay for it online, and just pick it up when it's ready!
My nice print is a master pattern to trace different sizes or variations from.
It's slick and easy and I'm so excited to offer this option with my pattern!!
Using, the large scale print is affordable at $3.59.
Instructions to use if that is your preference will be available with pattern purchase.

In case you don't want to pay for additional printing, I've also tried to streamline the pattern assembly process at home.
1. Pattern Image Guide

Printed right next to the 1" test square on the first pattern piece, I've included an image as your map to assemble everything.  I know it can feel crazy to understand how the mumbo jumbo pieces fit together.
Especially as my pieces are rotated upside down to also save you paper.

It's also my preference to have the pattern in black and white to save precious colored ink.
Each size is a different line detail as you find in commercial patterns and are clearly labeled at most junctions.

I also included the pattern beyond the individual tiles to help aid in aligning the individual printed pages.
I recommend using a paper cutter to slice off the borders and layer the tiles on top of one another.
When you tape them together, they are more secure as they can be layered on the borders.

The next frustration I've had with digital sewing patterns:

There's different ways to format the digital file, but my past patterns have all been portrait oriented.
So I felt there was a lot of scrolling as you work down the pages.
For the Simple Blouse pattern I created all pages double-wide and the file is in landscape format, to distribute more information across the orientation of your computer screen.

Overall I feel my new layout facilitates clearer instructions visually, and does a better job relating each step to the whole garment making process.

I also decided to go with illustrations rather than photographs on this pattern.
Sometimes a photograph can be easier, but overall when sewing a larger adult-sized garment, I felt I could teach the steps better with illustrations.
It also seemed more professional to me, hope you agree!

I did use a few limited colors within the instruction pages, but I also did my best to explain the processes in black and white in case you would like to print the instruction pages.
When my past patterns were full of color photos, I doubt you'd want to kill your color ink cartridge on one sewing pattern, so the Simple Blouse makes paper instructions hopefully more accessible if you prefer them printed in-hand by your sewing machine.
They'd actually bind in a book across the top if you want to flip chart it.

Well this is just a few of the technical aspects I'm really excited to offer in this pattern.
Tomorrow is a sneak peek of all the content I've jammed into a basic pattern, making it my go-to for tops in all seasons and most fabrics!

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  1. I think it's super awesome that you did a format so we can print a big page at the store. Taping and printing and piecing is SO not my favorite thing about pdf patterns. Totally understand able though. :) I will keep my eye on this pattern for sure! I love the new feel of the blog, looking good!

  2. Yes yes and yes! Everything that I hate about printing pdf patterns--you have corrected!!! I can't wait to try this blouse pattern! Are you going to be giving instructions for knits, too?

    1. YES! Tomorrow I'm showing a peek at all the different variations I'm going to teach with the pattern, about half are knit, or sweatshirt fleece!!! I did already make this sweater from knit using the pattern as well:

  3. Wow that is gonna be awesome!!! Can't wait to see. Too bad I won't be able to wear anything like this for a little while due to giant belly. :/

  4. Printing it out in one big piece? That is awesome! And the layout of the instructions makes SENSE. =) Love it.

  5. I am so excited for this pattern. Think I will be asking for it for a birthday present! Thank you for all your time and work you put into this!


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