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We have some fun ideas for Running With Scissors now that it is a new year!

Our creative

 We both are in the process of sewing for new bodies that have dramatically changed from having kids.
We're going to have an ongoing series as we attempt to embrace the new us and find things to celebrate.
Our first posts:

We're also going to try to focus on teaching how you can take patterns and make them fit you better.
Or alter garments you already own.
Jessica's Simple Blouse pattern is coming out in January and is focused on teaching ways to take a simple pattern and create your own that is around the corner!

 There's always more sewing info and patterns for girls and women, and we're hoping to give greater emphasis this year to promote sewing for the boys and men in our lives.
Our first focus in the next few months will be on altering and adjusting men's clothing.
Lynette was a professional tailor and has loads of info to share about sewing for men...she sewed her husband an entire suit as his wedding gift!
Jessica is teaching a Burdastyle webinar in a few weeks about altering men's suits if you're interested.

We're also hoping to share free tutorials and a few boys sewing patterns in the fall.

With Lynette joining Running With Scissors, we're so excited to share more about our childhood and crazy family.
Our family could be a reality TV show.
There's also lots of things we are passionate eating that just doesn't mesh with our blog content.
We both enjoy cooking and have lots of recipes we want you to try.
Most of our phone conversations start with the purpose of  the call, and we wrap things up with funny stories that have happened with our kids, family...or our brother Herschel.
We also would love to share sneak peeks of upcoming ideas or when our projects stink and they are horrible.

So all of this crap isn't going to get posted publicly on our blog.
For the inside scoop, you can subscribe to our newsletter!
We'll only send one once a month and it won't be a recap of the blog or ads.
We're planning to load it with food, family, and hopefully it will be funny and show the real side of our lives.

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  1. Sounds so fun. I'm excited to read what you have I store for us! You gals are amazing!

  2. I'm so enjoying the Running with Scissors blog: it was inspiring in its earlier form (Jessica) and very exciting with the changes! Thanks so much for the time and experience that you put into it....


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