Simple Blouse Variation: Sweatshirt

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Variation to take Jessica's Simple Blouse Pattern and turn it into a sweatshirt.

In my collection of fabric I have loads of vintage polyester. I know most people don't like the feel of it, but I have always loved it. I love that it's thick and heavy and it doesn't wrinkle. It does have a little stretch but not lot of drape like other knits, so it's incredibly easy to work with. I gave this blouse a slightly feminine twist with the bust darts and a scoop neck instead of the traditional crew neck.

For the sweatshirt cut out the simple blouse pattern with the following adjustments: Lengthen the sleeves to 2" above your wrist (to account for the ribbing that will be added on later), lower the neckline 1" - 1 1/2".

Cut out and prepare the ribbing. Ribbing works very much like elastic, you'll want it a little smaller than the opening it's being attached to so that you have a sung fit.

These were the ribbing measurements I used:
- Two rectangles 6" x 7 1/2" (cuffs)
-One rectangle 3" x 21" (neckline)
-One rectangle 6" x 36" (hemline)

After you've cut your ribbing, stitch the sides together. (Your stitching will go the same direction as the grain line). Fold the ribbing in half and press.

Pin the ribbing to the blouse and stitch. Since the ribbing will be slightly smaller than the neckline, hemline, or sleeve opening, you'll have to stretch it as you stitch it on. After it's secure, serge out any excess.

Press and top stitch the seam down on the neckline and hemline. This will make the ribbing lay properly. The ribbing on the sleeves doesn't need a top stitch.

This is the same method as Jessica's Fair Isle Reindeer Sweater,
except she cut elbow-length sleeves and a higher crew neck.
For ribbing, you can just measure your neckline and subtract 1" so the ribbing is slightly smaller to stretch into shirt, so it will lay flat.

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