Simple Blouse Variation: Darted Bust

8:26 AM

Jessica's awesome Simple Blouse Pattern is available!

This is the first blouse I've made using Jessica's Simple Blouse pattern. I've lengthened the sleeves, changed the neckline, embellished it with hand-painted knives and the most important change; I've added bust darts. The reason is because I have a 34 H bra size and a shirt without bust darts makes me look like a pile of firewood with a tarp thrown over it.

To add darts to my printed pattern, I used the method outlined in the instructions. The pattern has recommended measurements up to a DD cup size, so, for my own, I had to make additional adjustments. (After the slashing step, I opened the pattern out 2 1/4" and down 2 1/4"). I added a second bust dart for additional sculpting. The first main dart sculpts around the side of the bust, the second dart sculpts underneath the bust and helps to define the waist a little more.

For my painted knives I cut out two stencils out of freezer paper with an x-acto knive. Then I secured the stencils to the blouse by laying the waxy side down and heating the paper with an iron. I used fabric paint to paint inside the stencil. When the paint dried, I peeled the stencil away to reveal sharp pretty knives.

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  1. I LOVE those side darts! Love your description of the log pile. Got a good chuckle.
    Looks great.

  2. I like the combination of the two darts... I hadn't thought of using a straight side dart with an angled one, but it looks quite elegant. And a pile of firewood with a tarp thrown over it is exactly how I look in un-darted wovens.
    That stencil is very unique and fun. =)

  3. Ok this is awesome. The darts are a great way to give the shirt definition and polish. I am wondering about the choice of knives around the neck? seems a little gruesome. or am I out of the loop on some new fad? Mustache out! Kitchen knives in!

    1. I don't think it's a new fad. I just thought the shape would look great running along the v-neck, and I like knives.

  4. Looks so nice and comfy with the bonus of being a dressier shirt. I agree that the knives look great with the angle of the V neck opening. I didn't realize they were knives until you told me but now it is obvious :) I was just looking at the shapes of the design instead of what the shapes made

  5. ahhh, your graphic of the darts helped me so much just now. I'm looking at the pattern, like, my angles are way bigger (due to the big…. girls!!) seeing your rendition of the altered pattern with darts made me smile. i was looking at it, like this is familiar!! what about the back? just lengthen a bit to match bottom hem?


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