Simple Blouse Variation: Lace Shell

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Another tutorial for the Simple Blouse Pattern!
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This variation is more of a layering piece.
It's just the standard simple blouse in my size from the chart, but sewn with a thin dot lace.

It's obviously completely sheer.
The trend to wear a bright bra under a sheer blouse may be your thing, but not for this mother of three.
So I will always have a shirt under the blouse and use it to just add texture.
I thought it would be fun to wear over a simple basic layering tee to dress up with a pencil skirt and blazer.

I also tried it layered with button down shirt.
Because the lace is so sheer, it just adds the dot texture to the look.

It also creates cool effects with which colors you choose to layer under the lace.
A lot of lace you'll find is also made with nylon, so you could dye it for more fun variations with layers.

(or really, tips)

Because construction of the blouse was just the basic standard instructions, the tips I have are mainly for finishing the seams.
Because making a lace blouse will be sheer, the seams will be visible.

You'll still want to sew your blouse with the 5/8" seam allowance alotted in the pattern.
But after seams are sewn, you need to finish the raw seam allowance.
-SERGER: If you have a serger, I'd recommend using a 3-thread lingerie stitch.  It's more narrow, but not quite a rolled hem with lots of thread
-ZIGZAG: Trim seam allowance to 1/4 to 1/8". 
 Using a zig-zag stitch using width around 2.0, sew along the raw edge, and the delicate laces will kind of bunch tighter for a thinner finish.

I hemmed the sleeves according to pattern instructions. 
 The raw edge of the lace stretched more than I'd like as I was folding it, so next time I think I'll baste around the arm opening before hemming.
For the neckline and bottom hem I did the same scant double fold, but rather than the straight basting stitch you use with regular fabric, I basted with a narrow zig-zag (width .5) to give the lace a little more weight when I turned it for the hem.
The bottom hem was the same as the pattern, but I did baste this time that I failed to do on the sleeves. 

This layering shell may not be your thing, but I've quite liked it to take just a regular boring Old Navy or Target t-shirt and add some texture. 
For me, it's a thin shield if I'm wearing knit that hugs in all the wrong places.
Kind of like blurring the vision a bit. 

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  1. I love this! All my shirts hug me in the wrong places- LOL
    Well done, again!

  2. I like the lace layering shirts like this... but my husband doesn't get it. I love how different it looks with different undershirts.
    Also! Love the 'project by:' line at the top of each post. =)

    1. Thanks, I'm not so sure I get it either! I kept wondering if it looked stupid to have the short sleeve lace over a button down. I guess that's fashion, just do whatever you want and pretend you know what you're doing.

    2. Well, I admit I'm not bold enough to wear a short sleeve lace top over a button down... but over another, colored short sleeved or tank, it's pretty and versatile. I always get the feeling that people think my clothes are funny... but I stopped caring years ago.


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