Thrift Store Decor + Spray Paint

5:00 AM

Thanks for every one's suggestions on ideas of what to put in that wood planter box with handles.
I ended up storing all my little cook books I don't use regularly, and actually had Italian cook books I put in front.

So I've been spray painting a bunch of junk lately.
I have a few of these, so I thought I'd bunch them together in one post.

First, another lantern. 
This one was $1.00 and had plastic holly around the base that went right in the trash.
I was able to take out the glass, then use spray paint primer, then oil rubbed bronze spray paint to finish it off.

This vase was $2.00 and had the price tag on the bottom was from Target for $15.00
There was nothing wrong with the blue, but I just wanted it to be white.
So I used white primer, then white spray paint to make the change. 

Photo Boxes
These aren't actually from the thrift store, just gathered over the last few years and none of them match.
So same thing, white primer and white spray paint. 

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  1. Wow your room is coming together so well! Decorating is a bit of a challenge for me so your blog is very inspiring. I love that you get such a big look for so little money! And you are like a spray-painting queen! I'd love tips - like what types and brands of spray paint you use, any advice before I try to do it etc. I hope to attempt some thrift store lamps for my family room!

    Ps. I'm also in complete awe of your airplane quilt.

  2. Awesome! I too am addicted to spray paint. Redoing my kitchen has been work, but the fun part is when I get to work on decor and accessories, and spray paint to my heart's content. :) I never thought about doing boxes, that's a great idea.

  3. Maybe you should just come visit me and decorate my spaces. That would make my life so much easier. (and it would be more fun then trying to do it alone!)

  4. Thank-you for sharing ideas. I love the lantern. I'll have to watch thrift stores for the same. Now that I know they can be transformed to something nice! :)

  5. I am in the process of redoing my sewing room. I actually am blogging about it. I am just starting. I also have been going to thrift stores and finding little things and have purchased the spray paint to be able make them match my room. Till now I have been only concerned with function. I am new to sewing/quilting and just acquiring the things needed has been my main objective. Well now I have most of what I need. Now I want the room to be as beautiful as the things I make (or hope they will be atleast). I feel if I am going to spend almost every waking moment in here I want it to reflect my own style and personality! I feel it will be much easier to be inspired to make beautiful things if I am in a room that is beautiful too! Not to mention if there is a room in this house that I should have complete license to make it my own, it is this one! Thank you for the ideas. Also, the primer was never even considered! Stop by my blog and please give me any advice you can!

    Thank you,

  6. I am looking to spray paint some lanterns for my fall wedding and came across your blog. What brand of spray paint did you use? Rustoleum or krylon? I wanted a bronze that was in between dark and light and this turned out great!

    You can email me at


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