Merry Christmas!

11:32 PM

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We celebrated a day early because my husband had to work Christmas Day.  It was our first Christmas with just our little family, and it was a good Christmas.  Santa blew my son's world with a Thomas train set, making my handmade gifts completely uninteresting, which is OK and kind of what I expected.  He was so absorbed in the train all day, he could barely take time to eat.

Just some things that have been on my mind:

Thanks to anyone who looks at this blog, and especially to those that comment.
I've been thinking how much having a blog to share my projects has broadened the variety of things I make, and gives me a lot of motivation to create.  So thanks for looking at these projects, it really helps me get excited about new things, and your interest/ input does really mean a lot to me.

So thanks for stopping by, and to those who keep coming back, I really appreciate it since I'm sure some of my projects are kind of lame.

I usually never give personal info on here, assuming no one really would be interested, and pretty much keep it to the projects.  But I thought I'd ask if people would want to know more about me.
Mainly because my best friend in St. Louis ran into someone who looks at my blog at a knitting club.  My friend said they were asking what I was like, and it got me thinking that maybe people do care to know more about me.
Hmmm.  So maybe if you are interested in knowing something about me, you could leave a question in a comment, as I can't really think of anything that interesting to tell you right now, and answering questions is easier.

Anyway, hopefully 2011 will have more junk on here to makeover, and other projects here and there you might like too.

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  1. I'm sure you'll get many comments saying this same thing, but I love your blog! Your posts encourage me to try new new things. Things that I might not have thought I could accomplish. Some projects work, some don't :) So thank you for your posts, your blog is the first one I go to on my reader. This was way too corny for my comfort, but thank you.
    ps, I look forward to learning more about you, but don't really have any questions

  2. How 'bout this:
    "Tell me about your childhood." :) yeah, maybe that's a little silly, but I really enjoy hearing people's stories. I'd love to hear yours.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog. Reading about other's creativity has been motivating for me. I have needed that in the past year so thank you. You have a special spark that is all yours and it is interesting...not dull to glimpse into the life of a young mother. I remember those days like they were yesterday. It was a time of such purpose and energy. I was always making something and it would have been fun to have an outlook like your blog to share these things.

  4. All of the crafty blogs I've been visiting the longest have some personal info along with the projects. I like it but I don't mind the blogs that share no personal stuff. I get personal in my blog just to vent. It's my outlet.

  5. DIG DEEP my friend...... I think you should incorporate some of the HILARIOUS stories from your "other" blog--you have the best way of telling them for maximum comedy.

  6. I love your blog! I feel like you always post good quality projects, that you don't just make crap to blog about about.

    My questions is going to sound a bit stalkerish, which is why I haven't asked it yet. But it is driving me crazy! Did you go to Lone Peak? I think we graduated in the same class?

  7. i like learning about people when reading their blogs. i don't demand it. But part of my favourite thing about blogs are i get to sneak a peak into others lives.

    I've noticed the more commercial the blog the less it has about the person,

  8. funny! i live in the STL area.
    i really enjoy your blog and am constantly inspired by the way you just DO projects... you don't spend tons of time hemming and hawing about it- you get it done.
    i need a bit more of that trait:O)

  9. Your tree looks wonderful. I think I get fun glimpses into who you are through the things you make...and I agree, blogging has opened up many new ideas for me. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  10. Your blog is very inspiring. If you want to share more about you, then do it. Looking forward to seeing what projects you do in 2011.

  11. Question: So I get that Thomas the Train overshadows all handmade everything. But... what did you make? I'm dying to know. Also, how often do you go a thrifting?


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