Annual Christmas Ornaments

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Each year we've been married, we add one ornament to remember the most significant event from the prior year.  We have a little bride and groom from the year we were married, then big trips, births, etc.  But I've been behind and finally caught up.  So we have 7 ornaments, and currently have them on a little table top christmas tree.
The other night my husband was saying when we've been married tons of years and die, we'll have all these ornaments from all the years and our kids will fight over them.  Hopefully we'll keep it up that long and have lots of memories over the lifetime of our family all on one tree.

The theme was Mod Podge...and I guess rectangles.  Not very creative.

For 2007 we lived in the mid-west and spend a weekend in Chicago. I had a little scrap of 1/4" thick MDF and just printed the skyline and added the text.  Mod podged it on, and drilled holes for the hanger.

2008 our son was born, so I mod podged a photo of our son when he was a week old on a piece of scrap wood.  He was a huge baby, and that is a planter shaped like a tea cup we put him in. 

For 2010 I just printed a photo from my husband's graduation. 

I guess if you've been married a long time it would be hard to backtrack a ton, but it's a fun little tradition to watch grow over the years.

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  1. Jessica this is a lovely tradition rich with wonderful memories.

  2. we do the same thing...i plan on sharing my tree next week when i get them all done. love your little family tree and the ornaments you made.

  3. I LOVE ornament traditions! Long ago each Christmas Eve we began to give each of our children an ornament and then a family ornament marking the year. When we put up our tree the memories are wonderful. 22 years and 7 children later we now open 8 ornaments each Christmas Eve and the memories continue to grow!

  4. Wish I had done something like that. Too late now? 32 years would be a long time to catch up on. Only 18 more till the big 50 Golden Annaversary.

  5. So cute! What a great tradition.

  6. Loving your blog. Thought I'd share an award :)

  7. We collect an ornament every year from the James Island Festival of Lights. (South Carolina)

    We laugh knowing our future children will probably fight over them, too.

    We also paint an ornament each about every other year.

    Both sets carry traditions that will be shared with our children as well.

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